How to Survive a Hong Kong Hangover

Quickly Googles: ‘Can you die from a hangover?’


You’ve gone out for a ‘quiet one’ and suddenly it’s 2am and you’re dancing on the tables in Carnegies. And just as suddenly, you’re awake and in hangover hell. Curled in a ball, fighting off unwelcome memories of jello shots and the shapes you were throwing to Stormie’s finest playlist still ringing in your head… or perhaps that’s your pounding headache, it’s hard to tell.

So, what do you do? I mean, wallowing in self-pity sounds like a fabulous option at first, but let’s get real – lying in bed fighting off that horrible sickly feeling gets old pretty fast. Instead, chow down, embrace the big city lights and get yourself back out there – whether it be hair of the dog (you brave, brave soul), a filling meal, or a refreshing juice, we’ve put together this little list to ease your pain…

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