These are the 10 Biggest Wellness Trends for 2018

As revealed  by Pinterest!


There’s no escaping it, wellness trends are on the rise once more and actually, after all that turkey, we were really excited to see what’s trending for 2018. Social media powerhouse, Pinterest has released it’s forecastpredicting the biggest upcoming trends for the year, with everything from gut friendly grub to edible essential oils. Read on and discover the 10 biggest wellness trends that will no doubt be taking the internet by storm in the days to come…

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How to Survive a Hong Kong Hangover

Quickly Googles: ‘Can you die from a hangover?’


You’ve gone out for a ‘quiet one’ and suddenly it’s 2am and you’re dancing on the tables in Carnegies. And just as suddenly, you’re awake and in hangover hell. Curled in a ball, fighting off unwelcome memories of jello shots and the shapes you were throwing to Stormie’s finest playlist still ringing in your head… or perhaps that’s your pounding headache, it’s hard to tell.

So, what do you do? I mean, wallowing in self-pity sounds like a fabulous option at first, but let’s get real – lying in bed fighting off that horrible sickly feeling gets old pretty fast. Instead, chow down, embrace the big city lights and get yourself back out there – whether it be hair of the dog (you brave, brave soul), a filling meal, or a refreshing juice, we’ve put together this little list to ease your pain…

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Celebrate {National Bacon Day} 7 Ways with ‘Boken’s Best Bacon

December 30th is National Bacon Day! What a great way to end the year on a greasy note right before you start your “healthy” New Year’s resolution that won’t continue past week three of January. Not to mention, you probably need the extra grease as a foundation before drinking your face off the next day. Allow me to help with this.

1. Moran’s Burger

moran's burger

Where? Moran’s

The best burger I have had in Hoboken to date. It’s a Pat La Frieda custom blend patty, with Irish-style rasher bacon, Irish cheddar, arugula, crispy onions, truffle mayo, on sesame seed brioche. I know the bacon doesn’t look super crispy, but something about it is magical just the way it is.


2. B.E.C. + Hash Brown on a Roll

frans breakfast sammy

Where? Fran’s Deli

There are a lot of breakfast meat options at Fran’s, but you have to give their bacon a try. Fran’s is my favorite spot for breakfast sammies, because the roll is soft, the mutz is thick, the eggs are real, and the bacon is crisp and salty AF. And hash browns are a must. If you’re looking for a lunch option, go for the honey mustard chicken wrap. BOOM.


3. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

napoli's cbr pizza

Where? Napoli’s

We now have an uptown and downtown location for Nap’s, so there’s really no excuses here. This CBR pizza is loaded with all of the goods. One of the best CBR’s I’ve had. And what is the star of this glorious pie? Bacon. Well, ranch, too, if you’re a condiment connoisseur like me. BUT, THE BACON.


4. Praline Bacon

antique praline bacon

Where? Antique Bar & Bakery

If you’re a fan of sweet & salty, order a side of praline bacon at Antique. The brown sugar and pecan mixture is sizzled and crisped to perfection in the coal-fired oven and arrives to your table screaming, “be addicted to me!” And then suddenly you forget how addicting Cheez-Itz are because, praline bacon.


5. Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary

halifax bloody

Where? Halifax

I’m not typically a bloody fan, but the more food you pile in there, the more intrigued I am. Especially if bacon is an option. Why, yes, I would love to have a sip if I need to eat a stick of bacon and olives in order to get there. If you ask me, this is a pretty solid breakfast.


6. Bacon Mac & Cheese

pizza repub bacon mac

Where? Pizza Republic

If you don’t already know that Pizza Republic is “The Mac Daddy of Hoboken,” now you know. The options are overwhelming over there (in a great way), but even the simple bacon mac is on point. Noods, bacon & cheese are just meant to be together.


7. Classic Side of Bacon

schnackenbergs bacon

Where? Schnackenberg’s

If you wanna keep it old school, you’ll want to head to Schnackenberg’s for some crispy bacon and a milkshake. Why a milkshake? Because your chocolate shake needs that salty bite to balance out the sweet and salty, DUH.

Written by Krista Stucchio

Krista moved to Hoboken in January 2016 and works in social media for a marketing company in Manhattan. She is a social media enthusiast and food fiend with a passion for photography and fashion. You can typically find her scrolling through her (two) Instagram feeds or sifting through the racks of a funky thrift store. She is inspired by anyone who can whip up a great dish or style a killer outfit. See what she’s spooning on Insta: @hashtagfoodpic.

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Sassy’s Favourite Restaurants and Bars of 2017

These are a few of our favourite things…


Can you believe it’s almost 2018? We can’t either. We’ve spent the past 12 months dining and drinking and enjoying all of what the 852 has to offer. And now that a new year upon us, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favourite meals (and drinks, naturally!) of 2017. Here are the restos and bars that stood out to us – be sure to check them out for yourselves!

aziza best of 2017


Surmayee Tetarbe, Partnerships Manager

​One of the few cuisines I can’t get enough of (other than my mother’s cooking) is Mediterranean, so when I heard about a new family-run, hole-in-the-wall spot in Kennedy Town, I knew I had to check it out. AZIZA has quickly become one of my go-to spots for lunch or dinner, and you are guaranteed delicious food and generous service with a smile regardless of how busy they are (and they get very busy, so book before you go). With portion sizes that will leave your belly full, and a price tag that doesn’t break the bank, AZIZA ticks all the boxes in my book! I recommend getting the Falafel, the Baba Ganoush and the Shish Taouk, and don’t skip the homemade Couscous, either, as it’s the perfect complement to the meats. A great spot for anything from an intimate dinner to a lunch with the girls, AZIZA gets two thumbs up from me!

AZIZA, Shop D, G/F, Shun Cheong Building, 28 Hau Wo Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong,


Roxanne Dowell, Senior Editor

I get to try a lot of new menus, go to new restaurants and sip new cocktails, so choosing my favourite means it has to really stand out. But more than anything, it has to be good value for the money, which is rare find in Hong Kong. That’s why my choice for 2017 has to be Pici. This no-frills, no reservations pasta restaurant has both a lively and fun atmosphere and really delicious food, all for a very reasonable price (and it just opened another one in Central!). The fare here is something an Italian friend once said to me, “tastes like home.” (Can you get a better recommendation than that?) The Pappardelle with beef cheek ragu (slow cooked for eight hours), onions, carrots and celery is one I order every time. But because its tasting menu is so great, I often stuff my face with the Tagliatelle with porcini mushroom, butter and Parmesan cheese, and whatever the Fresh Pasta Of The Day is as well. And with the desserts here being so delish, I have to end my meal with the Tirimisu, because #treatyoself.

Pici, 16 St Francis Yard, Wan Chai, Hong Kong,

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour best of 2017

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour

Tiffany Ku, Photography Intern

If you’re a gin lover and a speakeasy enthusiast like me, Dr. Fern’s is just what you’ve been looking for! Amidst all the chaos of Central, you’ll find Dr. Fern’s quietly tucked away in Landmark. Inside, you’ll find a well decorated and intimate space that has a unique vintage, apothecary feel. The lighting is soothing, and the vibe is elegant. Best of all, with more than 150 different types of gin from around the world, Dr. Fern will prescribe the perfect concoction that’ll ensure you forget about the stressful day you had. Dr. Fern’s is without a doubt one of my go-to places, it simply never disappoints. So if you haven’t been, make sure you head over and get your much overdo check-up from Dr. Fern!

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour, Shop B31A, First Basement Floor, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong 


Annie Simpson, Editorial Assistant

In our city, it’s easy to try a new restaurant every week and never go back to the same place more than once. So, for me, I know I really like a place when I just can’t stop myself from going back time and time again. All it takes is a quick glance at Alvy’s Insta page, and I’ll no doubt want to go for dinner that evening (side note: I like pizza. A lot). But Alvy’s is so much more than just a good pizza. Sure, the Bak Gwei, with Gruyere béchamel, char siu, mozzarella, and geung yeong is undoubtedly delicious, but the overall vibe and atmosphere at Alvy’s is what I like so much about. It’s unpretentious; with loud music, friendly service and a really good beer selection (shout out to the wide range of local HK beers that always feature on its ever-changing selection of taps), making it the perfect spot for everything from a chilled out date night, a lively group dinner, or even a hangover-curing takeaway.

Alvy’s8 Holland St, Kennedy Town, Hong

LEE Lo Mei best of 2017

LEE Lo Mei 李好味

Kat Lau, Sassy Mama Editor

Beyond the cheeky name of this restaurant (ask a friend who speaks Cantonese what it means… if you dare!), lies a walk down memory lane. For readers who grew up in Hong Kong, the throwback nostalgic decor of the restaurant is enough to bring you back time and time again. From movie posters of yesteryear to local childhood sweets in glass jars, it’s a buffet for the eyes. And that’s just the interior! The food can only be described as elevated street fare using premium ingredients such as Wagyu beef, lobster tail and abalone. The Golden Shrimps with salted egg yolk, cauliflower and black truffle and the Roasted Lobster Tail served with crispy steamed buns, condensed milk foam and H.K. style black pepper sauce have both been repeat orders for me. You must try the “Ho Fun” in H.K. Style with A4 Wagyu beef, flat rice noodles, and turnip as well. End the feast with the Sweet Rice Dumplings which has the signature ginger soup encased in a clear “ball”. A word of warning, eat it all in one bite if you don’t want a mess!

LEE Lo Mei 李好味G/F – 1/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong, 2896 7688,

The Woods’ Annex

Hayley Kaplan, Editorial Intern

Whether you’re a gin enthusiast, a whisky connoisseur or you’re just looking to try something new and different, The Woods Annex is a fabulous (and unique) way to celebrate an occasion or have a girls’ night out. With the team’s expansive knowledge, and a seriously impressive library of spirits to choose from, this appointment-only bar is the perfect way to broaden your horizons and your palate. And, its casual and unpretentious vibe just adds to the fun. I love that each tasting flight is tailored and curated to your individual taste and preference, and the Annex’s team makes sure you’re trying boutique spirits you wouldn’t necessarily find, let alone be able to request, in a regular bar. If you find something that really strikes your fancy, you can even order a bottle for yourself through The Woods, and it goes without saying the range of artisanal canned cocktails is absolutely ingenious – make sure you grab a few to go!

The Woods Annex, 64 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong,

Three Blind Mice best of 2017

Three Blind Mice

Beatrice Hug, Graphic Designer

I’m a big fan of any place that makes you feel right at home, and Three Blind Mice owner, Ed, – with his larger-than-life presence – opens his doors wide to anyone with an appetite for a good time and even better food. Pick and choose from an array of the most comforting of Italian comfort food. I recommend the simple but classic Arancini Balls and the Italian Meatballs – both generous in size and flavour – and wash it all down with whichever magical concoction the very talented bartender presents you; it’s all good. Always packed to the brim and spilling outside, Three Blind Mice has a neighbourhood block party vibe, so whether you’re stumbling in for a quick drink or having more of a “civilised” sit-down dinner, you’re in for quality food, drinks and time.

Three Blind Mice35 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 2447 7793,

Zagin Soba 座銀

Elle Noble, Partnerships Manager

I LOVE ramen and have my faves scattered all around Hong Kong. However, I was recently excited to visit the new Gough Street branch of Zagin Soba after hearing rave reviews of its Happy Valley branch. A short and simple menu means you have three choices of ramen. I recommend the signature dish and a must-try, the (oh so creamy) cappuccino like, Chicken Broth Ramen. Topped with fried red onion, bamboo, slices of chicken and tender pork, with perfectly cooked noodles. Priced at $138, the ramen here is a little on the pricier side, but (in my opinion) worth every penny! If you prefer a richer broth and dipping your noodles, don’t miss the Tsukemen Ramen. I’d also recommend not leaving until you have tried the fried chicken…so come hungry!

Zagin Soba , G/F, 7 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong 

COA best of 2017


Roxanne Dowell, Senior Editor

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new bar, COA, while it was still in its soft opening. Because I love me some fine tequila (and mescal), I was super excited to find out it had a massive selection of both, and its owner, Jay Khan, schooled me on the variations of how each were made and how differently they tasted (yes, I tried a few, too, and the drinks were de-lish). Featuring yummy bar snacks – guac, chips, French fries and even quesadillas – the vibe here is really cool and laid-back, making it a great spot for after work drinks and get-togethers with friends. But what really made it special for me was the M&T – that’s right, Mescal & Tonic, which I think may just take over for the beloved G&T. Just sayin’.

COA, 6-10 Shin Hing St. Central, Hong Kong

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Hoboken Weekend {Drinking} Guide: 12/28/17 – 12/31/17

Thursday 12/28/17

New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Party @ Tally-Ho

tally ho 1228

Can’t wait to ring in the New Year? Tally-Ho is doing a Champagne Toast every night at Midnight leading up to NYE starting on Thursday, December 28th.

The Intelligentsia @ Farside

farside ext dec

Starting at 8pm, join host Rene Polanco, as funny friends Gary Levitt, Lauren Ashcraft, Rachael Parenta and Ismael Maldonado come from NYC to make you laugh. As always, try to win the $25 bar tab during the trivia portion of the show.


Friday 12/29/17

The Friday Flow with RSAM and host Parker Russo @ HUB


No cover all night! $5.00 drinks, shots, drafts from midnight to close. Ladies 5 or more dine free with RSVP.

Hayward @ Willie McBride’s


Kick off New Year’s Eve Weekend with all your favorites, and then some, playing live from 11pm to 2am! Only a $5 cover.


Saturday 12/30/17

UFC 219 @ The Shannon

ufc 219 the shannon

Cyborg takes on Holm for the World Featherweight Championship.

December Birthday Bash @ Wicked Wolf

wicked wolf 1230

December baby? Enjoy $1 drinks from 10pm-1am, and your crew will also get discounted drinks! RSVP here.


Sunday 12/31/17

New Year’s Eve

nye feat

Where will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve this year?! Check out our Complete Hoboken New Year’s Eve Guide with 30+ parties listed!


Monday 1/1/18

Brunch @ Northern Soul

northern soul jukebox

Treat your New Year’s hangover to brunch at Northern Soul. Serving starts at 11am.

Half Priced Monday @ City Bistro

City Bistro Waffles


Happy Hour 12-7pm:

  • 1/2 Price House Drinks, Beer & Wine
  • 1/2 Price Appetizers & Pizzas


  • 1/2 Price Food & Drinks (Some exclusions apply)
    (20% gratuity will be added to total before the discount)

Written by Rachel Willson

Originally from Upstate New York, Rachel moved to Hoboken two years ago to pursue her passion for all things marketing and fashion. Rachel lives for her weekends and takes pride in making sure all her friends social calendars are full. In her free time, when she isn’t crossing off items on her Hoboken bucket list, Rachel is typically finding joy in things out of her budget, speaking fluently in sarcasm, and crawling her way down Washington St. because yesterday was leg day.

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{Hoboken Holiday Market} Raises Over $5,000 for Local Scholarship Fund

Last week Hoboken Girl hosted their first ever Hoboken Holiday Market at the W in Hoboken. Over 500 attendees had access to local vendors, sipped bubbly La Marca Prosecco, and enjoyed a festive evening of shopping and holiday cheer.

hoboken holiday market

Photo: Will Ferman

‘Tis the season for giving, and thus 100% of ticket sales went to the Dustin and Daniel Friedland Scholarship Foundation for local Hoboken High School students going on to pursue higher education this June. The scholarship was started by Deanna Friedland, Dustin and Daniel’s surviving sister, who is also a fellow Hoboken resident. Hoboken Girl is proud to report that the ticket sales alone raised over 5,000 dollars.

hoboken holiday market

Photo: Will Ferman

If you were unable to attend, you still have a chance to donate to this cause. Deanna manages a Go Fund Me page where you can donate to the scholarship directly.

Written by Amanda Eitzen

Amanda has been living in Hoboken since 2013 and fancies herself a Hoboken guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it. If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s marketing at her 9-5, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods. Follow @411fitlife to see what she’s up to besides grabbing drinks around town.

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A Season for Sippin’: 8 {Hoboken Holiday Drinks}

Tis’ the season to shop till you drop, attend countless holiday parties, bake cookies, and yup, enjoy a drink or two! Hoboken always does us right when it comes to seasonal menus; restaurants and bars are always changing it up to offer items that pair great with the Mile Square’s weather and all-around vibe. So, when the holiday season rolls around in Hoboken, so do the delicious drinks. Check out these tasty drinks you can find at your favorite bar to get you in the mood for the cold weather!

1. Chocolate Mint Cookie Martini


Looking for the perfect after-dinner drink? Look no further, because this martini is everything you’ve ever wanted in dessert-drink form. Made with Rumchata, it tastes very similar to chocolate chip mint ice cream, and includes chocolate syrup and heavy cream.


2. Blueberry Ginger Smash

urban coalhouse

As of right now, this is my new favorite drink. It’s made with ginger whiskey, lemonade, and blueberries. Not only is it refreshing, but it also has a wintery feel to it.

3. Italian Manhattan

urban coalhouse

Like your drinks strong? Cheers to this Italian Manhattan, then! My drink companion for the evening couldn’t get enough of this thing – from bourbon to aperol to vermouth, this drink will definitely make you feel warm this winter!

4. Ice Ginger Toddy

urban coalhouse

Are you battling a cold this season? Scratch the Emergen-C, head to the bar, and order this bad-boy. It’s made with cayenne pepper, iced tea, lemonade and ginger whiskey, so you can kick that cold goodbye (while enjoying a delicious drink).

Where to get these four delicious cocktails: Urban Coalhouse


5. Bourbon Smash

Bourbon Smash

A twist on a bourbon smash – this drink, topped with fresh mint, is made with raspberry jam, bourbon (obviously), and rosemary syrup.

6. Santa’s Mule

Santa's Mule

This might be my absolute favorite drink ever. If you love a good Moscow Mule, then you will love this drink even more. The fresh rosemary (and rosemary syrup) makes it truly feel like the holidays!

7. Cider Mule


The Cider Mule is just what the doctor ordered. Made with Doc’s Cider, lime juice, syrup, vodka and of course, ginger beer, I promise you’ll enjoy sipping on this all evening long.

Where to get all three: The Shepherd & the Knucklehead


8. Spiced Fig & Pear Mule


Fig jam in a drink? Yes, please. This Mule, which seems to be a Holiday favorite this season, is made with Grey Goose Piore, fig jam, Matilde poire and ginger beer.

Where to get it: Brass Rail

Written by Taylor Bilecky

When she’s not obsessing over Public Relations (her Taylor enjoys people watching, trying new things and attempting to taste every flavor of ice cream available. Born and bred in New Jersey, Taylor just signed her second lease in Hoboken and loves nothing more than a Sunday Funday. Taylor loves to meet new people and prides herself with her ability to talk to anyone – she is that person in the Uber who won’t stop speaking to the driver.

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Sassy’s Favourite Things to do with Visitors in Hong Kong

The best of Hong Kong


We could write for days about why we’re in love with this crazy concrete jungle, but sometimes it’s easier to show our friends and family first hand. From manic markets to wild hills and skyline sightseeing, here are our favourite places that you must simply show off!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on 23 November, 2016, and was updated on 27 December, 2017.

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Sassy’s Guide to Taipa Village, Macau

Take a stroll through the enchanting alleys of Taipa Village


Taipa Village is a great day trip destination if you are looking for something for everyone! It’s located close to the Cotai strip (casino central) and yet it’s a charming, rustic neighbourhood that retains a real historical feel. The enchanting alleys of Taipa Village are filled with traditional Chinese shops, beautifully colored colonial villas, stunning churches, ancient temples and huge amounts of restaurants and a very vibrant snack street.

For first time visitors looking for some typical Macau street food, Rua do Cunha in Taipa Village is a great place to start and is the main street that runs right through the centre of the village. It’s a closed in street for foot traffic so taxis and buses pull up nearby, then it’s a short walk. It’s the busiest street in the village but where you will find some of the most amazing local finds. Intrigued? Join our Macau expert, Sally Victoria Benson as she shares with us this month what to eat, see and do in this unusual part of Macau…

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Sassy's Guide to Taipa Village, Macau

What to do:

EAT! No trip to Taipa village is complete without sampling many of the delicious local snacks on offer. Most are made on the premises and there is something for everyone.

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Curry Fish Balls

In Rua do Cunha, ‘Hou Mei Mei’ (literal translation- ‘very delicious’) is located right behind the Rua do Cunha bus stop.  Grab some curry fish balls and wash it all down with fresh sugar cane juice.

Pork Chop Bun.

The iconic Macau snack! The delicious but simple Pork Chop Bun or “Chu Pa Bao” as we locals call it. Although you can find pork chop buns on almost every corner of the city and few places in Taipa Village, Tai Lei Loi Kei, is allegedly the origin of this genius invention, is one of the more famous stalls and well worth the short line up. Don’t worry- the line moves quick and its delicious!

Tai lei Loi Kei, 35 Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa Village +853 2882 7150

Portuguese Egg Tart

The famous Lord Stow’s Bakery has opened up a storefront situated on the main drag Rua do Cunha —grab some egg tarts to nibble on while you walk or buy a few boxes to take with you as presents for those back home. No seating available.

Lord Stow’s Bakery,

Coffee Shops

Taipa village is home to many coffee shops and hipster, coffee-themed hangouts. While Macau is not typically known for its ‘coffee culture’, Taipa village is now home to some great places, well worth a short detour while you explore the village. Most don’t have places to sit, so it’s more of a takeaway coffee option. Some of my favourites are The Blissful Carrot, which is home to many vegan and vegetarian lunch and beverage options and some great coffee – it’s also my vegetarian pick for the area. They have cashew, Almond and coconut milk varieties available as well as fresh juices.

Fong Da Coffee and Quarter Square located opposite each other are home to not only tasty coffee but you could pick up great pieces as gifts for those back home. Kafelaku Café located on Rua Da Cunha, serves one of the most expensive cups of coffee, It is brewed from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian palm civet or other related civets and then collected after digestion.

The Blissful Carrot, Rua de Carlos. Eugenio 79-A. Edf. Goio Fai Kok RC/B. Taipa, Macau,  +853 6298 8433,

Fong Da Coffee, No. 15 Largo Maia de Magalhães, Taipa, Macau, +853 6683 0098,

Kafelaku Cafe Rua Do Cunha, No 8, RC Taipa, Macau, +853 2888 2338,

Quarter Square, 89 Largo Maia de Magalhães, Taipa, +853 2857 6914 or +853 6290 5138,

Sassy tip: Do the rounds and stock up on snacks and food then make your way over to the Taipa Village Houses and sit out looking over the lake. It’s free and there are a few tables and chairs around to sit on.

What to see:

Sassy's Guide to Taipa Village, Macau

The Taipa Village Art Space

This is a wonderful venue showcasing local and international artists. It acts as a cultural platform to promote Macau and its thriving art scene. There are beautiful pieces that you just might want to take home with you too. They often have exhibitions on and interesting collaboration with local artists.

Taipa Village Art Space, 10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau, Tue – Sun 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Off on Mon) +853 2857 6118,

Sassy's Guide to Taipa Village, Macau

Museum of Taipa and Coloane History 

You cant miss this bright blue/greenish building located right opposite one of the main bus stops. It’s a small Museum but worth a look. It is open daily, except for Mondays, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Free admission for everyone.

Museum of Taipa and Coloane History Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa, +853 2882 5631, +853 2882 7103,

Taipa Houses Museum

These are not only a wonderful part of Macanese history built in 1921 but also a great place to take some photos or sit down outside and enjoy the snacks you have bought. It faces out over the Cotai strip and it’s a different way to view the casinos in the distance.

Taipa-Houses Museum, Avenida da Praia, Carmo Zone, Taipa, Macau, +853 2882 7103 or +853 2882 7527

Our Lady of Carmel Church 

This Church is unique because it stands on a hill overlooking Taipa Village right above the Taipa Houses Museum. Together with the lovely garden that surrounds it, it’s a great place to snap a few instagram pics or wander around. Admission is Free.

Our lady of Carmel Church, Avenida De Carlos Da Maia, Largo Do Carmo, Taipa, +853 2882 7566

Tin Hau Temple & Pek Tai Temple

The Temple of Tin Hau is the oldest temple of Taipa, built in 1785 during the Qian Long Reign. Built in 1844, Pek Tai Temple is one of the large-scale temples in Taipa. It’s dedicated to Pek Tai, Va Kuong, Goddess Kam Fa and Wealth God. Admission is free to both.

Tin Hau Temple, Rua Gov Tamagmin Barborsa, Macau

Pek Tai Temple, Largo Camoes, Taipa Village, Macau

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Sassy's Guide to Taipa Village, Macau

Where to eat:

Taipa Village is home to a great selection of authentic Portuguese restaurants that have been around for decades. If you feel like a sit down lunch you cant go wrong at Portugalia, O Santos, A Petisqueira or Antonio’s. All delivering delicious Portuguese flavours such as seafood rice, duck rice, octopus salad, grilled chicken and caldo verde (a traditional soup).

If you fancy a bit of Macanese food then head over to Café Litoral for its African chicken, Minchi and various fusion dishes, they also serve up Portuguese food as well. There are plenty of Asian food options such as Hot pot, Ramen , Sushi and Korean BBQ all spaced throughout the village area but If Italian is what you feel like, La Cucina Italiana is a great family friendly option for fussy eaters.

Antonio 7 R. dos Clerigos, Taipa, +853 2899 9998,

O Santos, 20 Rua de Cunha, Taipa Village, +853 2882 7508

A Petisqueira, 15 Rua de S. Joao, Taipa , +853 2882 5354

Café Litoral, B4 Wai Chin Ko, 53/57 Rua do Regedor, +853 2882 5255

La Cucina Italiana, 6-12 Rua do Pai Kok, Chun Fok Village, Taipa +853 2882 7818

What to do:

Sassy's Guide to Taipa Village, Macau


Taipa Village is home to many great shops that stock a range of cool gifts to take back home. From key chains and refrigerator magnets to buying snacks at local bakeries selling the city’s famous almond cookies and peanut candies, there is something for everyone. Taipa Village is also home to optical shops, pharmacies, beauty products, clothing shops, stationery shops, art galleries and much more. It’s not a huge area to get yourself around but there is so much charm to this little village.

How to get there

Rua do Cunha in Taipa Village, bus routes from downtown Macau (around Lisboa, Grand Lisboa, Wynn, San Ma Lo): 11, 22, 26a, 33. If you are staying at Galaxy, Venetian or City Of Dreams, it’s a short and easy 15 minutes to the Village.

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9 {Unconventional Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve}

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us, and just as quickly as Halloween snuck up on us, as will 2018. However, if the idea of planning one more night out or committing to another lame party sounds like a torturous end to your 2017, then don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to ring in the New Year that don’t require expensive cover charges or socializing with drunken strangers.

1. Take A Trip

on a plane

Bon Voyage 2017!

There is really something to be said about waking up in a new year in a new place. Whether you’re looking out on the shores of Jersey or the beaches of Barbados, taking a trip (even if it’s just an overnight-er) is a great way to start the year off right. Traveling gives you a new and fresh perspective on life and helps you appreciate the comforts of home so much more. So, why not start 2018 off in a brand new place? Even if it’s just your second cousin’s air mattress in Indiana.

2. New Year’s Eve Spring Clean


Look how much fun you can have cleaning!

With the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to let your apartment’s tidiness get the best of you. If your drawers are busting at the seams with clothes you never wear, and the layer of dust on your television stand is a finger painter’s dream, then perhaps a New Year’s Eve cleaning session is just what you need. If you don’t want to go out anyway, there is no reason to not ring in 2018 in a perfectly clean and organized apartment. Just make sure you stock up on all your cleaning supplies and some bumpin’ tunes. For helpful tips; check out this article. Additionally, any of those clothes or items that you clean out can be donated to various places around Hoboken. Now that’s kicking off the year with the right foot!

3. Game Night


Basement Shuffleboard Tournament anyone?

Whether it’s board games, video games or internet games — you can ring in 2018 with plenty of laughs. Invite a few friends over and have them each bring a game of their choice. That way, you can play a round in each game and have a board game tournament. Or if you’re more of an internet or video game group, charge up your gaming systems and invite a friend or two over with their systems or passwords and see how many hours in front of the big screen you can log. Just make sure that your WiFi is up to speed — no one wants to ring in a new year thinking about how bad their technology is.

4. Movies or Concert


Just singing along with 20,000 of my closest friends!

A ton of different locations in the tri-state have really awesome concert options on New Year’s Eve, including venues big and small. What’s better than singing along to your favorite song as the ball drops at midnight?

5. Have a Bake-off!

pumpkin spice cupcakes

2018 Goal: Train for The Great American Baking Show!

Baking takes time. There’s the rising and the kneading and the measuring. Why not ring in the new year trying out that new recipe? Or invite a couple of friends over and have a cupcake or pizza bake-off. You can watch Ryan Seacrest as your dough rises, and then enjoy some fresh-from-the-oven treats without having to pay a delivery charge.

6. New Year Around the World


Feliz año nuevo! Frohes neues Jahr! Bonne Année!

Why have just one midnight when you can celebrate every midnight? Samoa rings in their new years at 5am EST on December 31st, and Baker Island doesn’t celebrate their New Years until 7am EST on January 1st. Stock up on confetti and party hats — you have over 24 hours of celebrating to do!

7. Self Improvement

Pilates exercise

Whether you work on your brain or your body, you’ll be bringing in 2018 right!

You’ve heard it before. Heck, you’ve probably even uttered it before: New Year, new me. Have a healthy New Year’s Eve by grabbing some friends and maybe going for a New Year’s walk or workout. Or load up on some red pens and interview questions and have your friends over to redo your resume and practice interviewing skills with each other.

8. Craft Night


Happy trees in 2018!

This requires a little bit of gathering supplies beforehand, but a craft night is a great way to bring on 2018. Depending on what you prefer (and how big a space you have to work with) you could paint a picture, make some coasters or even some pretty jewelry that is sure to be all the rage in 2018.

9. Karaoke Party


Singing songs does the body good!

Pick out some of your favorite tunes and a mic (or just pretend with a hair brush) and sing your way into 2018. If singing isn’t your strong suit, you can always dance to the tunes, as well. Or play a musical instrument to accompany your friend’s solo.

Whether you spend your New Year’s Eve painting a wall in your apartment or working on your physique, be sure to make it a good one. Traditions come in all shapes and sizes, so there is no need to stick with just one. Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year to all!

Written by Joanne Kornelli

Joanne has proudly been a resident of Hoboken for 10 years. This born and raised Jersey girl loves crossing off locations on her “Places to Visit” list. One of her favorite travel memories is when she cried at the sight of the giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Because that’s what happens when all your High School AP Environmental Science dreams come true.

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