Could Camel’s Milk Be the Next Big Beauty Trend?

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Whether you prefer your morning cuppa full fat, skimmed with a dash of almond milk or soy – milk trends have hugely evolved in the past years, but would you have thought that a breakfast drink, popular in the Middle East, would become the next big beauty ingredient in your skincare regime?

Quickly becoming the “world’s most in-demand beauty ingredient,” Hong Kong is following suit, with The Camel Milk Co. HK leading the herd! Known for a plethora of benefits, this ‘White Gold’ contains elastin, Vitamin C (three times higher than cow’s milk!) and lanolin, three ingredients that promise to not only brighten and even the appearance of your skin, but leave it soft and supple, too. Animal milk-based products have always been popular in ancient history (Cleopatra supposedly used to bathe in it!) and are now starting to fly off the shelves due to its gentle, moisturising properties. In particular, Camel’s milk also contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that are soothing and ideal for acne-prone skin, psoriasis and for those suffering with eczema. Each product, made in Australia, is one hundred percent natural and organic and it’s now exclusively available in Hong Kong.

If you’ve been meaning to switch up your skincare and try new products, The Camel Milk Co. HK produce a broad range which have already received a strong cult beauty following. The Lemon Myrtle Body Butter and the Lavender facial and body soap bar  are just two of our all-time favourites. If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, it’s good enough for us!

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Send The Camel Milk Co. HK a message via its Facebook page or website and they will send a you sample pack of body butter, hand cream and liquid soap – no strings attached!

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