5 New Shows to Watch on Netflix this October

New on Netflix

Life in Hong Kong can be an absolute whirlwind; so when we actually have the time to chill and snuggle in for the night, there’s no way we’re turning it down! Admittedly the selection of shows on Netflix isn’t as vast as in the US, but there are still some seriously awesome series and movies to choose from. These new, Netflix originals will have you on the edge of your seat


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The Best Takeaway Salads in Hong Kong

Guilt Free Lunching!


Salads are the quintessential lunch option. Quick to prepare and made bountiful with a range of fresh ingredients, they’re packed with nutrients and, of course, are super good for you! So if your mantra is to ‘eat better,’ then check out our picks for the best places to grab a salad and lighten your lunch woes. Take them back to your desk or treat yourself to an hour away from your laptop.

Sassy tip: We’ve tried taking along our own re-usable lunch boxes to many of the places below, and most are more than happy to accommodate. Healthy lunch and do your little bit to go waste-free? Sounds good to us!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Savannah Wasserman, published on 11 January 2017, and was updated on 28 September 2017, by Mashal Mushtaq

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HHH Squad: Find Out Who You Should Be Following On Instagram

Third interviewee is the charmer, right? I’m Krista: full-time social media and food addict, both at work and in life. Check out what I had to say about myself in the midst of sipping several sangria pails on a summer night. Don’t let my habit of photographing people’s food before eating it scare you away — I’m a great date.

Video by Mike Migliaro

Featuring Krista Stucchio

Krista moved to Hoboken in January 2016 and works in social media for a marketing company in Manhattan. She is a social media enthusiast and food fiend with a passion for photography and fashion. You can typically find her scrolling through her (two) Instagram feeds or sifting through the racks of a funky thrift store. She is inspired by anyone who can whip up a great dish or style a killer outfit. See what she’s spooning on Insta: @hashtagfoodpic.

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Osteria Marzia: A Taste of Coastal Italy in Wan Chai

A seafood lovers delight

Meet me in the middle price stickerDistrict: Wan Chai
Cuisine: Italian seafood
How much: Dishes range from $178 to $288, with sharing menus priced between $428 and $598
The Best For: A lively group dinner with friends
Must Order: Spaghetti Ricci with A.O.P sea urchin

In line with Black Sheep Restaurant Group’s fifth birthday, the foodie juggernauts have treated us to (yet another) brand new restaurant. Osteria Marzia can be found on the ground floor of the soon-to-be-reopened (and star ferry themed!) Fleming Hotel, in Wan Chai. Inspired by the founder’s summer road trips in coastal Italy, the menu is concise, serving up dishes from the Southern Coast of Italy, from Sicily to Sardinia, Positano, Amalfi and more…

osteria marzia interior

In keeping with the seaside feel, the restaurants design is cool, contemporary and welcoming, yet distinctly nautical. From the bar area feeling reminiscent of the hull of a grand ship, and the deep teal tiles lining the walls, through to the waiters stripped shirts and navy blazers, the design works hard to make you feel far from the busy Wan Chai streets outside.

Our tasting menu was compiled of a few keys dishes from the main menu, featuring the likes of oysters, sea urchin, lobster and branzino (European bass). Kicking off the meal we enjoyed beautifully charred bread, simply served alongside butter and anchovies. Setting us up for the array of seafood to come, I dove into the salty goodness, which matched perfectly with the starter of Hamachi with Cherry Tomatoes, Olives and Basil ($178). The delicate raw fish, paired with the slight tang of the olives was delicious, and I (shamelessly) used the bread to mop up the remainder of the flavoursome oil. Next up was a Half Dozen Oysters ($238), though understandably not for everyone’s tastes, if you’re a fan, you’ll love these, served with a Lambrusco mignonette sauce, evoking a true taste of the sea.

osteria marzia pasta

Then it was time for the pastas. We enjoyed a selection from the menu, delving into Chitarra with Boston Lobster ($248), Bucatini Con Sarde (with sardines, fennel and saffron), and Spaghetti Ricci, with A.O.P. sea urchin. All three were delicious with al dente pasta, and though I enjoyed the not-too-rich and subtly sweet lobster, the sea urchin was (surprisingly!) my favourite of the three. Not usually one to go for uni, I loved the delightful saltiness and freshness of the dish, which successfully transported us straight to southern Italy.

The main event of our meal was the Branzino Acqua Pazza ($598), served with clams, olives and cherry tomatoes. Made for sharing, the fish was presented to our table whole on a platter scattered with clams, and served alongside a simple green salad. The fish was soft and perfectly cooked, with the sweet clams and cherry tomatoes.

osteria marzia desserts

After our fresh and light meal, we were more than ready for the desserts. Ranging from Espresso Gelato ($88) and Yoghurt Pannacotta ($118), to Cherry Granita ($78) and Gianduja ($118) – a deliciously rich chocolate cake made with hazelnuts – those with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed come the end of the meal!

A far cry from the richness of the dishes of the Italian food some may be used to, Osteria Merzia succeeds in delivering a true taste of coastal Italy, and seafood lovers are sure to be in heaven here. Only open since Monday, the restaurant already has a buzzing atmosphere (helped along by the eclectic soundtrack), making it the perfect place for a fun and lively group dinner complete with sharing plates (and plenty of Italian wine). The service is ever-friendly, if a little slow at times, though I think this is probably just teething problems, which I’m sure will soon be ironed out to come up to the standards of other Black Sheep restaurants.

Osteria Marzia, The Fleming, 41 Fleming Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, www.osteriamarzia.com.hk, www.facebook.com/osteriamarzia

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10 Events For Your Diary this October

The best concerts, shows and parties happening in Hong Kong


Another month has come and gone and we’re into October! So, it’s that time once more to grab your diaries and get those dates filled in (pumpkin spice latte in hand, of course). With Halloween on the horizon, make sure to check back for our roundup of frightfully fun events, but, before then, enjoy drinks, quizzes, festivals and more!

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Why I Tried to Eliminate Sugar from my Diet… and Failed!

Nutritionist, Paloma Gerber goes sugar-free in Hong Kong


When I have a slice of cake, it ain’t over until the whole cake is gone. It’s that sugar that lures me in; promising bliss, but we all know that with artificial highs follow crashing lows…and yet we keep coming back for more. This time though, I had a plan, to embark on a month long sugar free journey. I was done of being chained to the stuff, desiring my pre-addicted life of stable energy and moods, happy weight, and flawless skin.

My game plan was to eliminate all sugar, brown, white, coconut, even honey, nectars, maple syrup and dried fruit. Alternatives were stevia in my oats, or a plain old banana to sweeten the occasional smoothie or chia pudding with some added cinnamon to stabilize blood sugar. I had also discovered cooking my morning porridge with butternut squash, yum!

A month and several fails later, I can tell you this challenge was extremely difficult.

Two weeks into the experience I went to New York for a culinary program on Food Therapy (desserts were included in the menu!) and I was not about to go to culinary school and not try the desserts! Besides, we only used “healthy” sweeteners that don’t spike your blood sugar (ahem, EXCUSES!). Yet in failing I learned not to wallow, instead to treat slip ups as a cause for making revisions to my plan. I haven’t given up and won’t stop till I can have a slice of cake in front of me, have a bite, and then think, “I’m satisfied.”

Here are three tips that helped me on my journey. I hope you find them useful! Below the tips you’ll find a list of my sweet go-to’s that contain “healthier” forms of sugar, meaning they’re either mineral rich and/or won’t spike your blood sugar. Enjoy!

Why I Tried to Eliminate Sugar from my Diet… and Failed!

Tip #1: Set up a support system

Having someone to check in with, a friend or family member, provides accountability, which can help keep you on track. I checked in with a friend every morning, which forced me to be clear on my meal plan. That way I wouldn’t find myself hungry without suitable options.

Tip #2: Eat fat and protein!

Fat and protein will keep you fuller for longer. In my morning oats, a tablespoon or two of nut butter is delicious, plus it’ll take me through to lunchtime.

Also be sure to have nutritious and relatively filling snacks. Toasted pumpkin seeds are quite enjoyable, so are creamy hummus with crunchy vegetables sticks.

Tip #3: Be realistic

Cold turkey might not work. Make gradual changes by phasing out refined sugar. Replace it with “healthier” sugars like fresh fruit, dried fruit, maple syrup, raw honey etc. If you’re a sugar with tea drinker add less and less everyday so change feels less extreme.

Sweet Recommendations:

Raiz The Bar Chocolate

Raiz the Bar

If I’m having a little chocolate craving I’ll go for a nibble, or (ahem) a whole bar of this chocolate. It’s high quality cacao in its raw form, thus brimming with antioxidants. The sweetener is coconut blossom nectar, which doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes.

Find this at The Store, Just Green and Be Juiced.

Cacao Acai Cup from nood

Smooth and rich, these acai bowls are sweetened with dates and maple syrup; both mineral rich and low glycemic. Combining them plays up the others’ sweetness & flavor. Crunchy granola and cacao nib topping creates a fun contrast with the smooth consistency.

Also the Cacao Chia Pudding from nood.

Sweet Secrets (also sold at Genie Juicery and Fresca)

Pumpkin Oat Cookie, Spicy Ginger Cookie and Chocolate Brownie Less sweet than your typical dessert, using coconut sugar, a lower glycemic option.

35 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Sweetpea Cafe Hong Kong

Sweetpea Café

Love its pancakes; basically a giant soufflé; the batter is mostly high-protein egg whites. Plated, the massive pancake is topped with raw acacia honey.

4 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong


Amazin’ Graze Granola

Some of the best granola I’ve tried, and a variety of flavors. Hazelnut Black Forest is a personal favorite.

Sold at Green Common, Sweetpea Café

East Bali Cashews

Cacao dusted cashews in a teensy bit of cane sugar and a touch of sea salt = magic in your mouth.

Sold at Be Juiced

Taboocha Kombucha

Bubbly and a little sweet, Kombucha is a healthy alternative to soda, especially because it’s loaded with bacteria and yeast that will do good things for your gut.

Buy at Fresca, Just Green or Be Juiced

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Quick Flights from Hong Kong: 5 Places to See Autumn Foliage in Asia

Can you paint with all the colours of the wind…


Now that it is officially autumn, we’re over the heat and humidity and ready to start experiencing cooler weather. Of course, this being Hong Kong, we’ll have to wait a bit for that to happen here. Thankfully you can take a quick flight to experience the full glory of autumn – gorgeous leaves, sweaters and boots are only a few hours away! Here are our top 5 picks. Pack your bags!

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13 PSLs you never knew existed in Hoboken

Fall is awesome. There’s beautiful foliage, you have a great excuse to drink heavily on Sundays, flannels, all of the best television shows start back up, and you don’t show up to work looking like you just ran a marathon. But there’s one thing about fall that ruins all of these extremely satisfying experiences, and that is pumpkin spice lattes.

Not only do people feel the need to begin buying them at an unreasonable date in August, but then they have to post something about it on social media. The only thing worse than an Instagram about pumpkin spice lattes in August is a back-to-school commercial in July.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to drink pumpkin spice lattes to maintain your basic persona. It’s time to branch out and be a trendsetter! Spice up your fall without the pumpkin this year with one of these different PSLs… all conveniently available in the mile square.

1. Perfectly Steamed Lobster

lobster biggie's

Where: Biggies Clam Bar

What: Baked Lobster Mac

There’s nothing like digging through a bowl of steamy mac and cheese and finding ginormous chunks of perfectly steamed lobster. Emphasis on the “perfect”.

2. Photogenic Skyline Landscape

skyline sunset

Where: Pier A Park

If you haven’t posted a picture of the skyline on social media, do you even live in Hoboken? This shot will earn you the title of “basic” in no time.


3. Poppy Seed & Lox

bagels on the hudson

Where: Bagels on the Hudson

What: Cream cheese and lox on a poppyseed bagel

Cream cheese and lox is a classic combination. Add some poppy seeds to that, and you can’t go wrong.


4. Patron Salt Lime

tequila shot

Where: House of Que

What: Patron shot

This is the PSL of choice for those of you trying to blow some extra cash on top shelf liquor. In the genius words of LMFAO, “We like Ciroc, we love Patron. We came to party rock. Everybody it’s on.”


5. Pretty Stretchy Leggings


Where: Athleta

What: Any pair of yoga pants

Believe it or not, there’s other PSLs more basic than pumpkin spice lattes. Combine the two and strut your stuff down Washington Street, and you’ll be a lethal weapon.


6. Proscuitto-Stacked Lunches

deli sandwich

Where: Fiore’s Deli

What: Proscuitto and fresh mutz sandwich

Fiore’s cured meats are a force to be reckoned with in the Hoboken community, especially when paired with their homemade mozzarella, making this old-school deli an iconic lunch destination. 


7. Packed Swiggs Line


Where: McSwiggans Pub

It’s worth the wait, we promise. Once you’ve made it inside, grab yourself a Phoenix Bomb… you deserve it.


8. Party Stretch Limo

willie's limo

Where: Willie McBride’s

Did you know that Willie McBrides will pick you up from any location in Hoboken in their stretch limo for free? Show up to the bar in style with this PSL.


9. Potato Skins (Loaded)

potato skins

Where: Hoboken Bar & Grill

What: Sinatra Skins

What’s better than potatoes covered in cheese and bacon? I bet you can’t answer that.


10. Parties So Lit

tally ho

Where: Tally Ho 

This particular PSL is very prominent in Hoboken. If you’re more interested in pumpkin spice than a lit party, we’ll probably never cross paths.


11. Pretty Sunset Lighting

sunset hoboken

Where: Washington Street

What: Instagram this PSL and I promise you will get more likes than a picture of a cup from Starbucks. No filter needed.


12. Pretty Solid Literature

little city books

Where: Little City Books

Take a moment to unplug with this PSL. Stop by the local book store and grab yourself a nonfiction to peruse on a bench.


13. People Sipping Liquor

pier 13

Where: Pier 13

If you want to see the largest group of people in Hoboken sitting around casually sipping beach balls full of liquor, Pier 13 is the place for you. But you better act quickly, this PSL doesn’t last late into the fall.

Written by Gab Cerami

Gab is a full-time desk jockey, but fuller time foodie. Born and raised in New Jersey, Gab made her way to Hoboken a year ago and has been on the hunt for the trendiest food scenes in the NYC area ever since. You can find her cooking her way through Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook (#gabandchrissy) and spending too much time capturing the right light to photograph a plate. Follow @brbcookingdinner on Instagram to check out all of her food pics and captions that include rap lyrics that replace the word “Yeezy” with “cheesy”.

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Top Spots to View Fireworks in Hong Kong

Celebrate with a bang!


Fireworks and Hong Kong go hand in hand, with the biggest and best displays each year taking place on National Day, Chinese New Year and Establishment Day.  On those days, literally hundreds of thousands of folks line both sides of Victoria Harbour to take it all in. This year celebrate National Day with a bang on Sunday, 1 October at 9pm!

Looking to hit the streets to watch the spectacle? As the fireworks are shot off from boats in Wan Chai, the best place to see them is along the shores of Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai. Here are some of our top firework viewing spots:

Kowloon Side:

  1. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenadethe perfect spot to nab a great photo, this will be one of the busiest areas as the (arguably) best views of the fireworks can be seen here!
  2. Harbour City Rooftop Car Park – is a great option as you can head over early, do a spot of shopping, nab an early dinner then head up to catch the view!
  3. Avenue of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui – watch the fireworks amongst “stars” from this quintessential HK landmark.
  4. Hung Hom Bypass – the highway is closed to cars during the event, making this a rare chance to walk on one of HK’s busiest streets.
  5. West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade – with its easy access from Kowloon MTR Station/Elements Mall, this makes for a night out a much simpler one.
  6. Kowloon Peak (Fei Ngo Shan)for the more adventurous, this is a great vantage point that also adds a spot of hiking and exercise!
  7. Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck – watch the fireworks from the 100th floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong, perfect for drizzly weather
  8. BLT Steak in Harbour City – grab a burger and a milkshake while taking in the sights along the harbour.
  9. Nobu at Intercontinental Hotel – for a much fancier occasion, book yourself a table window-side.
  10. Aqualuna Harbour Cruise – Wine and dine on the river as you watch the display with Aqualuna’s special fireworks display dinner.
  11. Regal Hotel Cruise and Dinner – enjoy the view from the river with a special menu
  12. Spasso – book a table for dinner so that you can enjoy both the mini a-la-carte menu and the fireworks that night.

Hong Kong Island Side:

  1. Tamar Parkpack a picnic and set up a tent, girls and watch the sky light up!
  2. Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chaiwith the Convention Centre in the background and the fireworks in the foreground (sky!) this is a great spot on the island to watch!
  3. ifc Mallhead upstairs to the top of the mall and hang out outside of RED bar to catch the views… what’s more, the space outside is a public free-seating area. Perfect!
  4. The Peakno doubt the Peak will have one of the best views on the island, it will also be quite packed. Make sure to go early to grab a spot on one of the many viewing areas.
  5. Certain parts of Bowen Drive (just past the intersection of Bowen Rd and Bowen Drive) also offer great views.
  6. Gia Trattoria on Fenwick Pier in Admiralty offers a super view and a delicious dinner to boot.
  7. The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre – has a number of restaurants, each of which should have a special firework-watching menu or buffet.
  8. Central Ferry Pier – a great place to view the fireworks which is why it will also be very popular. Go early and save your spot!


  1. Wherever you’re going, get there early. We know you know this, but note that once spots reach a max capacity the police will close them off. So leave earlier than you think you need to #earlybirdgetstheworm.
  2. Expect mega crowds. Literally thousands upon thousands of people will be jostling for a spot.
  3. Plan your route. There will be road closures and other traffic arrangements – plus some MTR exits are often closed. So be prepared to take a detour to your destination… think of it as the scenic route!
  4. Keep an eye on your stuff! With such crowds you’ll want to keep a tight grip on your valuables

If you’re not up for the crowds (we hear ya!), the best viewing spot may just be the most convenient: your living room, as these extravaganzas are televised on the local Hong Kong channels, TVB and Jade.

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Best Homeware Stores in Hong Kong

Our favourite spots to pick up chic, functional and quality home decor!


Furniture shopping is getting better and better in Hong Kong. In the last few years, choice and diversity has grown and now there are even a few online shopping possibilities. If you are looking to re-decorate your living room or bedroom, browse through some of our fave stores for beautiful and unique homeware items. Happy shopping, girls!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally written by Laurian, published on 27 June 2016, and was updated on 19 September 2017.

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