7 {Best BYO Spots} in Hoboken with Outdoor Seating

We all know one of the best things about BYO places is that you can drink as much as you want without sacrificing your first unborn child to do so. But that’s not the only great thing. The weather is getting nicer, and with that comes two of the most fundamental aspects of being a Hobokenite: outdoor seating at your favorite restaurants, and drinking outside. Better yet, here are the top seven places where you can actually do BOTH! Keep your pants on, because I’m about to rock your world with the best places to eat AND bring your own.

1. Margherita’s

margheritas hoboken

Summer bod aside, the homemade pasta is what makes this cozy little family-owned restaurant a Hoboken favorite. Bring along some vino and enjoy what many consider the best Italian food in Hoboken. Plus, Margherita’s has daily specials that even the flattest of stomachs will find room for.


2. Bareburger

bareburger hoboken

Instagram: @bareburger

If you’re in the mood for a brew and an amazing burger, this is your spot. With gourmet hamburgers, French fries and shakes, you really can’t go wrong. Plus all the food is organic, so you can feel good about downing a gallon of fries. Be sure to order the special sauce on the side – you’ll thank me later!


3. Charrito’s

charritos hoboken

There is no better way to enjoy the nice weather than with a frozen margarita or pitcher of sangria. Just bring your own wine or tequila and the wait staff will mix a pitcher for you. With 3 locations in Hoboken (one of which is vegetarian!), Charrito’s is a Hoboken staple. If you haven’t been here and taken advantage of their BYO dranks, you really need to ask yourself what you’re doing with your life.


4. Robongi

robongi hoboken

Image: www.robongi.com

With an extensive (and creative) list of rolls, Robongi is your go-to spot for BYO outdoor eating when it comes to sushi. Keep it classy and bring a bottle of white. You definitely don’t want to have an adverse reaction to vodka and sushi. Trust me, I learned that lesson the hard way.


5. Napoli’s

napolis hoboken

This uptown parlor offers authentic Neapolitan pies that will make your mouth water as soon as you walk in and the angelic scent of fresh pizza hits your nostrils. Napoli’s also has an outdoor section where you can sit back and enjoy your favorite glass of Italian wine as you gorge on some of the best ‘za in Hoboken.


6. Anthony David’s

anthony davids hoboken

Want to jazz things up with a BYO brunch spot? Then Anthony David’s is just your place. You can sip your mimosas and manmosas while enjoying some delicious food, or attempt to beat your hangover with a screwdriver. Your call.


7. Zafra

zafra hoboken

Facebook: @ZafraKitchens

This zesty Latin restaurant offers outdoor seating and an intriguing selection of tapas. You can bring your own liquor, and they’ll mix up an assortment of drinks for you using fresh fruit. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so bottoms up!

Written by Serena Sidawi

Serena is a Hoboken ex-pat, but you can find her back in town on the weekends scourging Washington Street or making best friends in the bar bathrooms. She likes to have a good time, eat good food and just have fun with friends and family.

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5 Ways to Celebrate {Memorial Day Weekend} in Hoboken

Memorial Day, celebrated on May 29th this year, is a time to reflect and remember those who died fighting for our country, and to support those who still are. For us Americans, Memorial Day also often means summer has unofficially begun. Many Hobokenites head down the Jersey shore, go to a friend’s lake house, or maybe visit upstate NY, BUT there are people who actually stay in ‘Boken for the weekend. So, you have a full three days in the mile square while most of your bar pals are elsewhere, sipping drinks out of red solo cups with their toes in the sand – what are you supposed to do!? Fear not – there is plenty to do in Hoboken for Memorial Day weekend!

Head to Pier 13


Going to Pier 13 is a no-brainer for most weekends, but especially for this weekend! It’s a good excuse to get outside and grab a drink by the water so you can Snapchat it to your friends and family back home.


Visit a Rooftop Bar


See a theme here? Getting outside this weekend is key. Summer is upon us, and you need to be celebrating it outside!


Treat Yo’ Self


Since it might be a quieter weekend, it’s the perfect time to hit up your favorite nail salon (speaking to you men, also), make a hair appointment, or get a massage – there will be more availability, so you can be flexible with your scheduling.


Go to Trader Joe’s

trader joe's exterior

First off, if you haven’t already gone, what in the world are you waiting for!? Trader Joe’s is a truly magical place, and you need to get there ASAP, especially this weekend where your chances of the line being lighter are high.


Get Ice Cream

Ben & Jerrys

How often do you actually go to Ben & Jerry’s? Rarely? Now is a good time. Extra spinkles, please.

Written by Taylor Bilecky

When she’s not obsessing over Public Relations (her Monday through Friday persona), Taylor enjoys people watching, trying new things and attempting to taste every flavor of ice cream available. Born and bred in New Jersey, Taylor just signed her second lease in Hoboken and loves nothing more than a Sunday Funday. Taylor loves to meet new people and prides herself with her ability to talk to anyone – she is that person in the Uber who won’t stop speaking to the driver.

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Say Cheese! Your Complete Guide to {Photo Booths} in Hoboken

Every time I walk into a bar my eyes instantly scan the room, and laser in on the tell-tale rectangle box shape of a photo booth. TARGET ACQUIRED. I will make my way over there at some point in the evening, and I will take an embarrassing amount of photos. Photo booths are one of those small things in life that elicit a pure moment of joy. The drunk giddiness of taking a series of silly poses with your friends, followed by the gut bursting laughter that comes from looking at the photos the next morning, to which I usually exclaim, “Why did I think that was a good look?” Photo booth strips have actually brought me so much happiness that I have started a collection over the years, which I proudly hang in my room. I have made it my mission to identify all the best bars with photo booths in Hoboken, and let me tell you, we are stacked!

photo booth, photo strips

my life’s greatest work, proudly hangs in my room

Complete List of Photo Booths in Hoboken

  1. Dubliner
  2. House of ‘Que
  3. McSwiggans
  4. Moran’s
  5. Nag’s Head
  6. Northern Soul
  7. Village Pourhouse
photo booth, northern soul, photo

I love that Northern Soul collects the abandoned strips and proudly displays them

Your Guide to a Rock Star Photo Booth Sesh

Step 1: Timing

Over the years, I found the golden hour for taking memorable photo booth shots (or pics in general) is after about 1-2 drinks. You feel silly enough not to care, but not so sloppy that your hair is matted to your forehead in every photo. Ain’t nobody gonna want to treasure that memory. Now that you have this handy-dandy list, be proactive, and make it a point to snap some pics before your eyes glaze over.

Step 2: Identify Your PIC

Just as important as timing, having willing (hopefully equally excited) participants is key. This is no time for being a wet blanket. We need our best team of comedians who aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves. Ideally, someone who recognizes the importance of choreographed poses.

house of que, photo booth, photo strip

House of ‘Que lets you upload your photos straight to Instagram and Facebook

Step 3: Know your Angles

Crunch time; we’ve one shot, maybe two, to get this right. Once everyone is situated, confirm everyone’s face is captured on the screen. Find that lighting, hunny! And remember: look at the camera, not the screen…rookie move, and you are better than that.

Step 4: Have Fun With It!

So maybe a detailed game plan with strategic poses is a little overzealous. It is not that serious, and honestly, the best shots come from pure, organic happiness. Just do me a favor and avoid making duck lips in every photo.

photo booth, village pourhouse, photo, duck lips

Jersey shore duck face = what not to do

Written by Krista Behr

A Tri-state native and Hoboken resident of 3 years, Krista has made it her mission to leave her mark on all the photo booths in town. A pop culture fanatic, you can always count on her to know the name of that guy who starred in that movie…on the Disney channel…15 years ago. Krista is constantly trying to find the balance between answering FOMO’s siren call and her inner desire to binge-watch the latest show for 18 hours straight. Similar to starburst, she is a walking contradiction.

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Your Hoboken {Memorial Day Weekend} Getaway Inspiration

The unofficial start of Summer is almost here! That means it’s time to whip out those bathing suits and coolers, and take advantage of every second of the three-day weekend. This is your guide to Memorial Day getaways– from quick day trips to a long weekend away. Now grab your friends, grab a cold one, and get booking!


westfall wineryWe all know Memorial Day involves adult beverage drinking, so why not make your way to one of the local wineries in the area to celebrate? From NJ to Long Island, there are endless options and tours to take. My personal favorite is Westfall Winery…mainly because I took a day tour there which included a morning of kayaking on the Delaware River. Other wineries in the area include…

  • Sherwood House Vineyards, Long Island
  • Channing Daughters Winery, Long Island
  • Unionville Vineyards, NJ
  • Laurita Winery, NJ



Who hasn’t celebrated Memorial Day on a beach before? It’s basically the quintessential party location for the unofficial start of summer. If you’re looking for a fun beach location, I’m here to help. Here are just a few of my favs in the area…

  • Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
  • Monmouth Beach, NJ
  • Cape May, NJ
  • Long Beach Island, NJ
  • Newport, RI


hiking woods

If you’re the kind of person who looks for adventure and work outs on your three-day weekends off, you should definitely look into these hiking or biking locations. If none of these tickle your need for speed, hit up that Google machine, because there are probably millions of articles listing out the best hiking and biking spots in the area.

  • Hacklebarney State Park, NJ
  • Washington Valley Park, NJ
  • Mountain Creek, NJ
  • Hunter Mountain, NY


highlands natural pool lake

Image Credit: Instagram @HighlandsNaturalPool

Lake life is the best life. Especially when it comes to activities like boating, kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, the list goes on and on. The perfect Memorial Day getaway consists of booking a hotel room or AirBnB near one of these lake locations.

  • Mohonk Mountain, NY
  • Lake George, NY
  • Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • Highlands Natural Pool, NJ

Cities Far & Wide


Image Credit: http://visitnyack.org/about/

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway to a fun city or town, below are my top picks. If you’re looking for more of a party scene, hit up Philly or Stamford. If you’re looking for a quaint village, Nyack Village and Mystic are going to be your go-to.

  • Nyack Village, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Stamford, CT
  • Mystic, CT


mohegan sun casino

Image Credit: Instagram @MoheganSun

What doesn’t scream the unofficial start of summer more than grabbing your crew and spending all your money on the slot machines? Below are the top casinos in the area…and yes I know Atlantic City isn’t a casino, but there are too many to name.

  • Mohegan Sun, CT
  • Foxwoods, CT
  • Atlantic City, NJ
  • Sands Bethlehem, PA

Amusement/Water Parks

six flags

Image Credit: Six Flags

It’s finally that time of year where all the amusement and water parks start to open. Channel your inner child, and get your screams and thrills out at these amusement parks. Six Flags even is accessible via NJ Transit! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

  • Crystal Springs Waterpark, NJ
  • Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ
  • Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, PA

Now that you have some inspiration to book that last minute Memorial Day getaway, get to it! Don’t waste any more time; it’s time to make new summer memories.

Written by Lindsay Steidl

Lindsay grew up in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut, where cell service wasn’t a thing (for real, “No Service” was a constant notice on her phone). But her love for pizza and all things marketing & social media brought her to the big city, and eventually to Hoboken. Lindsay is on a constant search for the best slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and the best Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a croissant…. Any suggestions?! When she is not eating or drinking, you can find her biking up the Hudson River Walkway or traveling the world. She also swears that death glare isn’t directed at you, she just has a case of RBF. She actually really likes people!

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{5 Road Trip Essentials} You Need Before Leaving Hoboken

Few things beat driving down the highway with the windows down and hair blowing in the wind on a beautiful summer day. Of course, leaving Hoboken is always hard because of all the wonderful things it has to offer, but a road trip every once in a while is an acceptable excuse to get away from the great Mile Square town. Whether you are headed down to the beaches of Belmar and Point Pleasant, towards the pool parties and casinos in Atlantic City, or making your way across the river and to the Hamptons, there are a few pit stops that your road caravan will surely need to make before leaving.

1. Cheap Maggie’s

cheap maggies

If you haven’t heard of Cheap Maggie’s; you are welcome. You will surely be looking for a nice beach shirt, chair, ball, hat or anything in-between, and Cheap Maggie’s will definitely have something you will like and a price that will let you order that extra Corona at the beach bar. Check out this location for any of your clothing and apparel needs, and you’ll be certain to find something unique and exciting.


2. Rite-Aid / Walgreen’s

Car Charger

Let’s be honest; we are all addicted to our phones, and sitting in a car with a dead phone is not an ideal way to start an awesome road trip. Visit the electronics section at Rite-Aid or Walgreen’s to purchase a backup battery or car phone charger to make sure you don’t miss a solid Snapchat or Instagram-worthy post during this epic trip.


3. Hoboken Happy Hours Spotify Playlist


Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a brick and mortar location, but it is a major necessity. No road trip is complete without some awesome tunes to sing and jam to along the way. Lucky for you, we here at HHH have already done the hard work and created great playlists for any occasion. Check them out here.


4. Vito’s Italian Deli



Take one of the best parts of Hoboken with you when you pack your lunch for the trip by snagging a delicious sandwich at Vito’s Deli. Fresh mutz, mortadella, and salami? Yes, yes, and yes. Pick your favorite cold cuts and throw it on some fresh bread – DO NOT EAT until arriving at your final destination! (Don’t give into temptation.)


5. Rita’s Italian Ice


You are going to need something to cool you down from the blistering sun, and Rita’s can do just that. Pick your favorite italian ice, custard, Misto, gelati or milkshake, and stay cool while en route to your happy place. Have a safe trip, we’ll see you back here soon!

Written by Anthony Montufar

Anthony is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan living in a small world infested with obnoxious Giants fans who have little to no mental capacity. In addition to sports, he is an avid follower of the TopSZN regime as well as the OVO label and can be found repping either one. When he is not slaving away at his desk, Anthony is slugging whisky at one of the many bars in the best square mile city in the world. Speaking of the world, he loves America more than you could ever image because it doesn’t get better than being back to back World War champs. Cheers, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

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I want P-I-ZZ-A, I want PIZZA! How to celebrate {National Pizza Party Day} in Hoboken

Growing up, every Friday was a pizza party. Whether it was $2 slices in the school cafeteria (which I religiously participated in), or a Friday night sleepover with friends, FRIDAYS = PIZZA. Today, Lisa Frank graphics and Jock Jams are cool again. So let’s bring back another nostalgic tradition, Friday Pizza Parties! That’s right – Team HHH wants you to know that today, Friday, May 19th, is NATIONAL PIZZA PARTY DAY! Here’s 3 ways to celebrate with friends this Friday in Hoboken.

Out in Hoboken


dozzinos, people, patio, backyard, pizza

Instagram: @samfamburg

My favorite place to enjoy pizza in Hoboken is definitely the back patio at Dozzino (6th and Adams). In addition to the amazingly authentic pies (the honey, it’s all about the honey pie), this adorable backyard spot is everything you wish your tiny fire escape could be. Grab your friends and some beverages (BYOB!) and spend your Friday evening chilling, drinking, and most importantly, eating.


At Home

Make Your Own

homemade, pizza, national pizza party day

One of the greatest things about pizza is you can make it entirely your own! Make it a low budget party. Invite your friends over and impress them with homemade pizza. Gather up the fixins’ buffet-style to create your own. This prosciutto, arugula and egg creation is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Or….Order in!

7 stars, seven stars, hoboken, pizza, national pizza party day

7 stars

Not much of chef? Too large of a group? Take it old school and order in. Satisfy your party with the massive slices from 7 Stars or Benny Tudinos. Slices are the size of your face, so there is plenty to go around. Just don’t forget to call ahead! Avoid compulsively refreshing your Forkcast app-tracking and hangry death stares from your “guests”.


At Work

national pizza party, pizza, take out

My coworkers and I, about to chow down.

Being that it is a Friday, there is strong possibility you will spend a majority of the day at work, but don’t let that stop you! Pool your spare change and dolla’ bills and get a couple pies for the team. Want to be a true MVP? Mention that is NATIONAL PIZZA PARTY day to the local pizza spot and see if they’ll cut a deal for every person who comes in from your office.

Written by Krista Behr

A Tri-state native and Hoboken resident of 3 years, Krista has made it her mission to leave her mark on all the photo booths in town. A pop culture fanatic, you can always count on her to know the name of that guy who starred in that movie…on the Disney channel…15 years ago. Krista is constantly trying to find the balance between answering FOMO’s siren call and her inner desire to binge-watch the latest show for 18 hours straight. Similar to starburst, she is a walking contradiction.

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{Met In The Mile Square}: 12 Bars, 1 Day

Met In The Mile Square tells the stories of residents and visitors alike from our great city of Hoboken. Stay tuned every month for a new person we Met In The Mile Square.


HHH: What’s your name?

CB: Chris Barus

HHH: Describe yourself in three words.

CB: Fun. Spontaneous. Energetic.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.13.59 PM
HHH: What brought you to Hoboken?

CB: I started working in NYC. And basically all of my friends from college were looking to move into Hoboken, so I knew it was going to be an all-around fun experience. From college, there are 12 of us that live in Hoboken. We all went to the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. We knew [Hoboken] it was a town for young professionals, relatively comparable to having the NYC experience without paying as much. The running joke with all of my friends actually is that nobody likes NJ, but eventually everyone started moving to NJ because they were getting jobs in NY. One by one, people from PA started moving in; they’re one of us now.

HHH: You’re carrying around Bud Light. I bet you have some fun Hoboken stories.

CB: I would probably consider any time that everybody is day-drinking on the weekend, whether it be during the summer time at the pier, or playing darts or pool at bars like 8th Street Tavern. The more divier bars always tend to be the most fun.

Wait, I have a good story. Halloween, I basically had to be physically carried out from Marty O’Brien’s because I poured myself a beer when nobody was tending to my beer needs. So I just kind of leaned over, poured myself a beer. I actually paid, and I tipped…myself. But apparently, that was frowned upon, so I was physically picked up by the bouncer and was carried outside. I was not allowed back in. But I gave a generous tip!

Another time, I can say I successfully went to 12 bars in one day. It wasn’t like a bar crawl or anything, the attempt from myself and my friends was to look up how many bars were in Hoboken, and see how many we could physically go to in one day, keeping the same aggression at each bar. We started downtown and worked our way uptown, since most of us live uptown, so that’s the pass out point. We started off at the old Northern Soul, and then I think we did McSwiggans, Marty O’Brien’s, The Shannon (the triangle of death)…then we did Cadillac Cantina, Dubliner, Black Bear, Mills, Tally Ho, 8th Street Tavern, Turtle Club, 10th & Willow…maybe a few more in there actually. And then, of course, we ended at Malibu Diner. Which you can bring beer to, I found out! There were no deaths along the way, but we were definitely banged up. We definitely stopped for food at least three times. People fell off, for sure, along the way. I’d say out of a group of about 10 people, 4 did the entire thing. I was one of them. We did an hour at each to be safe, starting at noon. I wish I could tell you something crazy happened, but I honestly can’t remember, as you can imagine our memories were a bit fuzzy.

HHH: What’s your favorite bar or restaurant?

CB: My favorite bar…my favorite bar was the old Northern Soul. It reminded me of a bar in college, super divey, didn’t serve food, there was darts and pool. My favorite bar now, I would have to say, is 8th Street Tavern. We recently found out that I can take over the jukebox with my phone. All my friends and I will go there and control the music, and basically have the bar to ourselves.

HHH: What is your favorite drink?

CB: Tanqueray & tonic.

HHH: What advice do you have for fellow Hobokenites?

CB: Don’t limit yourself in terms of where you hang out, or who you hang out with. Hoboken tends to fluctuate during the year, so like during football season, there are certain bars that are super fun to go to. It’s what makes the town during that specific time period. I would experience everything, even the weird bars that nobody goes to. But whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Written by Lindsay Steidl

Lindsay grew up in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut, where cell service wasn’t a thing (for real, “No Service” was a constant notice on her phone). But her love for pizza and all things marketing & social media brought her to the big city, and eventually to Hoboken. Lindsay is on a constant search for the best slice of Buffalo Chicken pizza and the best Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a croissant…. Any suggestions?! When she is not eating or drinking, you can find her biking up the Hudson River Walkway or traveling the world. She also swears that death glare isn’t directed at you, she just has a case of RBF. She actually really likes people!

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Hoboken Weekend {Drinking} Guide: 5/18/17 – 5/21/17

Thursday 5/18/17

Hoboken Happy Hours May Happy Hour @ Black Bear


Join us at 7pm on Thursday for our monthly Happy Hour at Black Bear Bar Grill!

This is a FREE event, but we ask that you please RSVP.

The party will be on at the upstairs bar! We’ll have drink specials, food specials, free giveaways, and more! We look forward to seeing you there!

Extended Happy Hour until 10pm (MUST RSVP to receive these specials):
– $3 Drafts
– $4 Well Drinks
– $4 House Wine
– $2 Off Import Drafts
– Buy One, Get One Select Appetizers

All Night:
– $5 House Drinks
– $7 Bomb Shots
– $11.99 Coors Light Pitchers

Party With Purpose will be on hand selling tickets to their upcoming 5k Race for only $25 (the steepest discount offered)!

Rooftop Pink Party @ The Dubliner

pink drink

Wear your best pink and head to the rooftop of The Dubliner for the kickoff party of the season. There will be pink Prosecco, pink hors d’oeuvres, Sephora giveaways, and a DJ spinning on the roof.


Friday 5/19/17

Yappy Hour @ The Ale House

the ale house yappy hour

Come join our fellow four-legged friends! A donation to the Liberty Humane Society will get you drink specials from 7-9pm!

Rhyme & Reason @ Pilsener Haus

pilsener rhyme & reason

Rhyme & Reason is a group that brings the passion and energy of a Dave Matthews Band show to the local scene. Check it out for yourself starting at 8pm.


Saturday 5/20/17

3rd Annual Hoboken “Kickoff to Summer” Bar Crawl

kickoff to summer

Registration will begin at 11:30am at Pilsener Haus & Biergarten!
There will be pre-registration Thursday 5/18 – location TBA

– Custom 3rd Annual Kickoff to Summer Bar Crawl T-Shirt*
– Exclusive drink & food specials
– Giveaways

*Only tickets purchased before May 1st are guaranteed a custom T-Shirt. Tickets do not give preferencial line treatment*

– All sales are final after May 14th –

Changing Lanes @ Willie McBride’s

changing lanes willie's

Change up your normal Saturday routine and dance the night away to the sounds of Changing Lanes at Willie McBride’s! Music starts at 10pm.


Sunday 5/21/17

Hoboken Dine & Ride @ Biggie’s


Who can beat 3 hours of fun for $49.95 per person all in? Includes 20-minute speedboat ride on the Sea Wolf and multi-course lunch with wine/beer at Biggie’s. Book your seat today at www.ribnewyork.com.

Songs for Seeds and The Fuzzy Lemons rockin @ Maxwell’s

maxwell'sThe Fuzzy Lemons rock Maxwell’s, plus a special class by Songs for Seeds before the show. Show runs from 3-4:30pm (doors at 2:30pm).

Written by Rachel Willson

When she’s not throwing elbows to get a seat on the PATH first (but failing 9 out of 10 times), Rachel can be found at brunch with a pitcher of mimosas in front of her. Originally from Upstate New York, Rachel moved to Hoboken a little over a year ago when she started working for an ad agency in Manhattan. Being still somewhat new to the area, Rachel makes it her goal to try every restaurant and bar at least once. In her free time when Scandal isn’t being binged watched, Rachel is typically finding joy in things out of her budget, speaking fluently in sarcasm, and crawling her way down Washington St. because yesterday was leg day.

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6 BRAND NEW Cocktails You Need to Try at {The Shepherd & The Knucklehead} NOW


Until this visit to The Shepherd & the Knucklehead, I had only seen Hector’s skills secondhand. A patron on a Sunday afternoon made me and my friends watch him make an Old Fashioned, and then smell and sip it afterward. I was already convinced that I was in the presence of a fantastic mixologist, but this visit I really got to pick Hector’s brain. He is the Beverage Director at The Shep and has developed a solid lineup for the summer cocktail season.

Among the several facts and stories I learned, here are some quick things about Hector and his incredible job:

  • Hector likes to name drinks for and dedicate them to his coworkers. “They work so hard, so they should have their ‘name’ on the menu.”
  • The ingredients, from syrups to teas and everything in-between, are all made in-house.
  • “I’m always experimenting, like a mad scientist.”
  • Hector likes to create drinks that patrons want to drink more than one of.

Without further ado, check out what the mad scientist put on the new menu that comes out TODAY.


1. The Big Lebowski

big lebowski


What’s In It?

Homemade whipping cream infused with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, Kahlua, Absolut vanilla vodka, Cinnamon Toast Crunch crumbles

Described as a “Cinnamon Toast White Russian”, this drink is like breakfast, happy hour and dessert all rolled into one! This may not be the type of cocktail you can continue drinking one after the next, but it would be the perfect one-off or nightcap.


2. The Basquiat

the basquiat shepherd

What’s In It?

Demerara syrup, pineapple juice, cherry liquor, orange bitters, heavy cream, cachaca, orange peel garnish

Named for Hector’s favorite street artist, John Paul Basquiat, this is the perfect replacement for your summer weather pina coladas. It has such sweet, rich and fruity flavors mixing with Brazilian rum that you’ll forget you’re in Hoboken. This cocktail is great if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.


3. The Spider Bite

spider bite shepherd

What’s In It?

Widow Jane bourbon, vanilla cane syrup, Demerara syrup, Orleans bitters, smoked orange peel garnish

Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you the “new” Old Fashioned. Did you know that Widow Jane was originally a chocolate company? Their bourbon is actually made with cacao in it. And the syrups are made with with sugar cane from New Jersey and Africa. This cocktail does not have an overpowering bourbon taste (for those that are not fans of bourbon). The aftertaste is really something to savor, since you can taste both types of bitters; the citrus of the orange and the licorice taste of the Orleans.


4. Beards and Bicycle Mule

beards and bicycle mule shepherd

What’s In It?

Campari, Clyde Mays whiskey, St. Germain, cane syrup, lime juice, ginger beer, lime and lemon slice garnishes

First of all, if you want a mule that will give you a swift kick in the mouth, Clyde Mays Alabama-style whiskey is 85 proof. This refreshing take on a whiskey mule is another great summer drink with a fresh ginger taste. What won’t you taste? Sugary sweetness or a strong whiskey flavor. There is nothing uncomfortably overwhelming about this drink, so it’s a nice easy ride along with the lemon and lime bicycle wheels you see on top.


5. Hurricane 305

hurricane 305 shepherd


What’s In It?

Cana Brava white rum, Sailor Jerry’s dark rum, coconut water, lemon wheel and mint garnish

Hector dedicated this drink to his colleague Joe who attended University of Central Florida, hence why he channeled his inner Pitbull (Mista 305 himself). This twist on the original Hurricane is not nearly as sweet as its namesake, and it’s SERVED IN A PINEAPPLE. The Shepherd & the Knucklehead also serves this drink in a larger pineapple so that you can share with friends! Fun fact: Hector uses the mint garnish to represent tree branches in a hurricane.


6. Egan’s Spiked Peach Tea

spiked tea shepherd

What’s In It?

Unsweetened iced tea, house-made peach syrup, Tennesee whiskey, Ancho Reyes chili liquor, cinnamon zest, caramelized peach garnish

Egan is one of Shep’s bar backs for which this cocktail is named. Singles are served in mason jars, but this drink is also available in the large pineapple variety for sharing with friends (much like Hurricane 305). The Ancho Reyes gives the tea a spicy pop, and the cinnamon taste REALLY comes out with every sip. (It’s the zest.) Hector’s advice: take a bite of one of the peach garnishes before taking your first sip. Tried and true, it’s the only way to first experience Egan’s Spiked Peach Tea.


An enormous thank you to Hector for his time, knowledge and magic mixing. I couldn’t possibly finish them all, but all of these cocktails were so amazing, I wish I could have. If it means anything to you (and it should), Hector’s favorites are tied between Egan’s Spiked Tea and The Basquiat. …I had a hard time picking a favorite, so you should probably go try them all this season!

Written by Amanda Eitzen

Amanda has been living in Hoboken since 2013 and fancies herself a Hoboken guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it.  If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s marketing software, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods. Follow @411fitlife to see what she’s up to besides grabbing drinks around town.

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Overheard in Hoboken: {On Your Commute}

It doesn’t matter whether you take the PATH, the ferry, walk, or even Uber to work, on the few and unfortunate days when you forget your headphones at home, you are bound to accidentally overhear, or in some cases purposely hear (hey, we don’t judge here) some interesting conversations.

Last week I traded in my headphones for “headphones” and did a little listening. For the most part, commuters said things like “Hey, go Yankees!” or “You better catch up on House of Cards!” or “This meeting will be the death of me”, but a few passengers stood out and provided me with enough humor and confusion to last beyond my 11am meetings.

The girl who found out the guy wasn’t that into her… 

This girl had bought two shots at the Madison for herself and a guy who she’d been exchanging looks with all night. When she went over and placed the two shots in front of him, though… he said thanks and handed the 2nd shot to a girl behind him! Turns out he was engaged and thought the girl was offering a shot to him and his new fiancée! Yikes. Talk about misread signals! Congrats to the newly engaged, though!

The people that planned a business meeting around the taco pizza… 

While I’ll admit I awake most mornings craving fattening food, I was shocked at 7:30am to hear about the “cheesy, meaty, dopeness” of the Tony Boloney’s taco pizza that a group of coworkers were eating later that night. But even more entertaining was their rehearsal of the speech to their boss about how they all happened to have doctors appointments on the same afternoon. Can you say, “summer Tuesdays”?

The girl who was getting paid to Netflix…

As someone working 10+ hours a day in the ever-changing technology and innovations market, I couldn’t help but to briefly envy the words that slipped from the mouth of someone next to me on the ferry. But as a fellow human, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of what I was hearing. On a distressed phone call to a friend, she whined “Ugh, I am so annoyed that I have to waste my time  commuting to the office when I just sit around and binge watch House Hunters anyways…”

The guy who was eating a big mac and fries… 

Yes. A big mac and fries. Let’s think about this two ways. One, let’s briefly admire this man’s ability to house 2,000 calories of greasy “lunch” food at 8am. But more importantly, let’s appreciate the fact that I overheard him saying that he went to McDonalds the night before just so that he could indulge in this savage breakfast choice. Time commitment. Calorie commitment. Just, commitment. Talk about lovin’ it!

The Jimmy Hoffa conspiracy theorist… 

Yup, you read that right. While riding mass transportation, you are very likely to encounter some strange humans, but this encounter for sure topped my Hoboken transit list. Remember the legendary Union Leader, Jimmy Hoffa, whose disappearance still perplexes the masses almost 45 years later? Some say he’s buried under Giants Stadium, some say he’s drinking rum & coke with Tupac; but this man had a different theory… that he is instead buried directly beneath the Hoboken train station!


5 days without headphones, 5 people without filters! Could not have asked for a more entertaining start to last week’s workdays, and I highly encourage you “forget” your headphones too!

By Tabi Krier 

Tabi is Jersey-born, but took a brief stint as a “Hey y’all”-saying, hair bow-wearing southern girl while attending the University of Kentucky! Finally landing back in the north, she can be found in her preferred color wheel (black, grey & white), with sneakers on her feet and an aggressively long walking stride. Tabi is constantly trying to balance equal but conflicting obsessions with mac & cheese, bourbon and bathing suits, but mac & cheese and bourbon always win.

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