May Essentials

Each month requires a different set of essentials for survival. With May being our first taste of what summer might offer, here are my must haves for the next 31 days:

  • Reservations to a great tequila spot for Cinco De Mayo
  • A pair of new swim trunks from NIKBEN
  • This song
  • A healthy binge watch of Netflix’s new series Dear White People
  • A cute Mother’s Day gift, like these beauty ideas over at
  • A ticket out of town for Memorial Day Weekend (in my case, a boys’ trip to Miami)
  • White wine, like a Clambake Chardonnay from our good friends at Ripe Life Wines
  • Prayer and emotional support for all those apartment hunting during the summer months
  • A collection plate/GoFundMe page to afford Beyoncé’s “How to Make Lemonade” Boxset because, really, $300?

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