Zoom In: May in Hoboken {Through My Lens}

This May be kind of difficult to hear, but there’s a chance it May already be the end of the month. We had a lot of good times that will Maybe, probably, last a lifetime. You May be wondering what you missed out on this month because Maybe you were too caught up in work or finishing the semester. Well, here you go. Moments from May.

yoga on the pier

May kicked off yoga on the pier! This happened to be one of the chillier days of the month, but you better believe how relaxing it is to be out in the fresh air doing your mind, body and soul some good with a view like that.

wtc sky

Those repetition clouds though.

antique outside

Finally able to get comfy outside at Antique Bar & Bakery.

hanging meat antique

Me: Guys. So much hanging meat in front of me.
My friends: Pics or it didn’t happen.

clock tower

Heaven? Is that you peeking through the clouds?

bwe table setting

Banana bread, cheddar biscuit, blue algae latté. Oh, Bwèby.

cozy corner

Bwè employees can come decorate my apartment now, thanks. Please bring assorted accent pillows.


New Washington Street storefronts are upon us.

helicopters & empire

How the heli is this an actual view that we have in this city?

little city books

I’d like to dedicate this photo to my roommate who has a weird obsession with Little City Books and how cute it is. Can’t blame her.

rooftop lights

It’s rooftop szn, ya’ll. Break out the string lights.

luca brasi

I tend to take my hangover sammies to go, but I’m thinking I need to post up at Luca Brasi’s picnic tables in the shade this summer.

street sign

Street signs on buildings. Makes sense.


Nope, we’re not at the shore. We’re in the clear skies at Propelify.

Written by Krista Stucchio

Krista moved to Hoboken in January 2016 and works in social media for a marketing company in Manhattan. She is a social media enthusiast and food fiend with a passion for photography and fashion. You can typically find her scrolling through her (two) Instagram feeds or sifting through the racks of a funky thrift store. She is inspired by anyone who can whip up a great dish or style a killer outfit. See what she’s spooning on Insta: @hashtagfoodpic.

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Roll Film: Movies Under the Stars {Complete 2017 Schedule} Announced

One of our favorite Summer traditions is back for another awesome year! Movies Under the Stars will return to Pier A starting on Wednesday, June 14th! Check out the complete schedule below, and be sure to bring a blanket!

movies under the stars wtc

  • Wednesday, June 14th 9pm: Young Frankenstein
  • Wednesday, June 21st 9pm: Hidden Figures
  • Wednesday, June 28th 9pm: Singin’ in the Rain
  • Wednesday, July 12th 9pm: La La Land
  • Wednesday, July 19th 9pm: Lion
  • Wednesday, July 26th 9pm: The Beatles: 8 Days a Week, The Touring Years
  • Wednesday, August 2nd 8pm: Trolls
  • Wednesday, August 9th 8pm: The Boss Baby
  • Wednesday, August 16th 8pm: Sing
  • Monday, August 21st 8pm @ Mama Johnson Field (4th & Jackson): Ice Age: Collision Course
  • Wednesday, August 30th 8pm @ Maxwell Place Park (Sinatra Drive between 11th & 12th): Frozen

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Getting Fit in the Mile Square: {Summer 2017 Fitness}

Most people find it hard to motivate to workout when it’s 35 degrees and raining cats and dogs. I, on the other hand, find it impossible to work on my physical fitness when the sun is shining and there are margaritas to be drank. Luckily, Hoboken offers us plenty of ways to get fit while enjoying every ounce of the summer sunshine.

Free Fitness

fitness in the park

Fitness, Yoga and Pilates in the Park

Hoboken offers free fitness classes all week long throughout the summer. On Mondays, you can participate in anything from kickboxing to Crossfit at Pier A. Yoga classes take place at Pier A on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, there is a range of fitness activities under the 14th Street Viaduct. Yoga and Pilates is offered at Maxwell Place Park on Thursdays. Classes are an hour long and start at 7pm. They give you a great taste of what the gyms in the area have to offer while leaving plenty of time to enjoy a Cucumber Cilantro Margarita after!


The Hoboken Cove Boathouse is a non-profit public boathouse that runs free kayaking on weekends at Maxwell Place. Through September, this first come, first serve kayaking program provides you with kayaks, paddles and life jackets. Generally, everyone can ride for 20 to 25 minutes. (If there is no one waiting, it’s possible you can stay out even longer.) They also offer rivers trips that are announced via their email list. Kayaking offers you great fitness benefits and targets most of the muscles in your body.

Park Activities

Did you know there are 20 parks in Hoboken? Grab a basketball, your tennis racket or even a skateboard and head outside! Most parks are open from sunrise until sunset. Hit any of the various courts for an hour and you can burn upwards of 400 calories. How’s that for free fitness?

Fitness That Will Cost Ya

zog sports

Zog Sports/ABL

There are various sports leagues that take place throughout Hoboken and the surrounding towns. You can get your kicks by playing on a competitive soccer team or your hits by playing in the various “just for fun” softball leagues. Most leagues cost upwards of $60 for the season, and your league fee usually includes a t-shirt. Both leagues are a great way to meet people to make some Hoboken memories with.

Local Races

If running is your thing, why not strap on your sneakers and enter a 5K? There are two of them that take place over the summer in Hoboken and even more races in our surrounding areas. Fleet Feet in Hoboken offers running meetups on Wednesdays at 7pm, and the Hoboken Harriers (HOHA) also run host runs from this location on Thursdays and Saturdays. This will get you on track to crush whatever mile marker you choose. They offer water before and after the run and are open to all running levels.


No matter whether you pay to play or free is the way you like to be, Hoboken in the summertime is the perfect backdrop for any fitness activity. It’s so easy to ditch the squats for the sangria — but when you can workout in the great outdoors, a drink is so much sweeter after a sweat session.

Written by Joanne Kornelli

Joanne has proudly been a resident of Hoboken for almost 10 years. Being a born and raised Jersey girl, she loves The Shore and her jean jacket. When she’s not producing video magic at her 9 to 5, she’s crossing off locations on her “Places I Want to Visit” list. One of her favorite travel memories is when she cried at the sight of the giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Because that’s what happens when all your High School AP Environmental Science dreams come true.

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How To {Host A BBQ Like A Boss}

It’s the unofficial start of summer! That means it is time to BBQ your brains out. Cookouts are one of the many joys of the summertime because, really, how can you beat friends, food and sunshine? The sweet sound of a hot dog (or veggie kabob) sizzling on a hot grill is enough to lull you to sleep. Toss in a few adult beverages and you have yourself a stellar Saturday, Sunday, or any day of the week really! You don’t need an outdoor space to have an awesome BBQ. Just follow these simple steps to host the BBQ that your wildest dreams are made of.

Step 1) Grab a Cooler


On a hot summer day, a cold brewski or cocktail really hit the spot. In addition to making sure your cooler is filled with frosty beverages, don’t forget the ice. Most mini marts and supermarkets in Hoboken sell ice — so it’s certainly not hard to find, but very easy to forget if it’s not on your radar. Coolers are good for indoor or outdoor cookouts since space in the refrigerator is usually limited because of all those tasty treats you have in it!


Step 2) Figure Out a Menu

Photo Credit: @brbcookingdinner

Photo Credit: @brbcookingdinner

Which leads us to Step 2, deciding what the menu is going to be. Whether you have a Weber or a George Foreman, there are plenty of delicious options. Of course hot dogs, hamburgers and kabobs are classic grilling foods. But why not think outside the box and have “do-it-yourself pizzas” on the grill? It’s basically the same cooking process as it would be in an oven, and you can use your pizza stone or plop that delicious dough right on the grill. As for appetizers, you can keep it super simple with various chips and dips, or get fancy with some tartare or ceviche. Whether you’re cooking on charcoal or gas, check out @brbcookingdinner or @hashtagfoodpics for some delicious inspiration.


Step 3) Make a Playlist


Music sets the tone for how you want your BBQ to go. It’s always a good idea to start off with some easy listening at the beginning of the gathering, and then once people get a little looser, some classic dance hits. If DJing isn’t your strong suit, let Hoboken Happy Hours help you out! Our Spotify handle has plenty of playlists that offer you hours of listening.


Step 4) Prep

Photo Credit: @hashtagfoodpic

Photo Credit: @hashtagfoodpic

All good parties have one thing in common: preparation. Prepare whatever you can the night before (or morning of) so you don’t have to worry about missing out on hanging with your guests. Make sure you have enough plates, cups, napkins, utensils and serving platters, because no one likes having to run to the store in the middle of a party.


Step 5) Games/Activities


No BBQ is complete without some games. If you’re outside, why not take it back to your youth and have a water balloon fight? Regardless of inside or outside, card games are always a classic go to.


Step 6)  Get Ready for Your House to be the New “Go to” Spot

party house

Whether you have an outdoor space or just some pumping tunes and a solid air conditioning unit, your friends are sure to want to come back over and over again by following these easy steps. If you are outdoors, make sure to apply sunscreen and if the party goes into the evening (which I don’t doubt that it will), make sure to provide some bug spray so the hamburgers and hot dogs are the only things getting eaten.

Happy BBQ Season everyone!

Written by Joanne Kornelli

Joanne has proudly been a resident of Hoboken for almost 10 years. Being a born and raised Jersey girl, she loves The Shore and her jean jacket. When she’s not producing video magic at her 9 to 5, she’s crossing off locations on her “Places I Want to Visit” list. One of her favorite travel memories is when she cried at the sight of the giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Because that’s what happens when all your High School AP Environmental Science dreams come true.

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Hoboken’s 13 Most Devourable Burgers {According to Team HHH}

Hooray, it’s National Burger Day! With so many types of burgers to choose from and so many restaurants in Hoboken that serve them, we bet you’re in a pickle. To get you out of that pickle, and to what’s on the plate alongside it, here’s a roundup of the most delectable, delicious, devourable (I know this isn’t actually a word) burgers in the Mile Square, according to the highly qualified HHH team.

1. The Ainsworth Mac & Cheese Burger

Mac and Cheese Burger Ainsworth


What is it? Panko crusted mac & cheese patty, beef patty, mac & cheese, sesame bun.
“All of my favorite things under one bun. And don’t even get me started on the fries.” – Michelle L.


2. Onieal’s 3 B’s Burger

oniealsWhat is it? Blackened, with crispy bacon and blue cheese crumbles.
“The patty has has a nice char, plus blue cheese on anything is okay by me, and BACON.” – Britt T.


3. The Shepherd & the Knucklehead Breakfast Burger

the shepherd & the knucklehead exteriorWhat is it? Bacon and cheddar, topped with a fried egg.
“It’s just really good.” – Mike M.


4. Antique Bar & Bakery Dirty Burger (brunch only)

antique dirty burger


What is it? Salty cheese, sweet pickles, spicy fries.
“It has a great roll, lots of cheese, fries on top, and a round patty…it’s v. unique.” – Gab C.


5. Taphaus Turkey Burger

taphaus burgerWhat is it? Brioche bun, gruyere, avocado, frisee, lemon vinaigrette.
“Despite being huge and fat, I still managed to inhale this burger. It was that good.” – Krista B.


6. Moran’s Burger



What is it? Pat La Frieda custom-blend patty, Irish-style rasher bacon, Irish cheddar, arugula, crispy onions, truffle mayo, sesame seed brioche.
“It’s always cooked perfectly, and very juicy.” – John C.


7. Green Rock Burger



What is it? 8 oz. of lean ground beef, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted English muffin.
“It’s unexpectedly dope.” – Britt T.


8. Pilsener Haus Wycoff Farm Turkey Burger



What is it? Served w/ lettuce, tomato & onion; add American, Gorgonzola, or Gruyere cheese.
“So juicy, an unexpected runner up to their plethora of sausage menu items.” – Amanda E.


9. Arthur’s Burger

arthurs hoboken

What is it? All beef burger served with lettuce, tomato, onion & fries.
“I order it with a side of mashed potatoes instead of fries and dunk that bad boy right in there. Game changer.” – Krista S.


10. Carpe Diem Veggie Burger



What is it? House-made patty with zucchini, squash, carrots, corn, peppers and onions, and panko.
“It’s just the best veggie burger in all the land. Even non-vegetarians should try it!” – Taylor B.


11. Bareburger Be My Burger

BareburgerWhat is it? Build your own barest burger with your choice of bread, toppings, patty and sauce.
“No matter what kind of burger I’m in the mood for, Bareburger delivers. I reccomend at least 5 toppings.” – Cat S.

12. 10th & Willow Willow Ave. Burger

10th and willow

What is it? Bacon, cheddar, mayo & ketchup.
“It’s cooked perfectly and has a solid roll. None of that dry bread bullshit.” – Adam S.


13. Turtle Club Summer Burger



What is it? 8 oz Truglio’s ground beef with bacon, avocado & cheese.
“I love that they use local meat + avocado. #basicbitch” – Joanne K.

Written by Cat Shaw

Cat is a New Jersey native and super proud of it. Her love of Hoboken becomes apparent when anyone from across the Hudson tries to degrade the beloved Mile Square. When not at her 9 to 5 travel industry gig, she can be found sweating it out in spin class, experimenting in the kitchen with her prized KitchenAid mixer, reading at Pier A, or—let’s be honest—devouring a Luca Brasi chicken parm sandwich while binge watching Netflix.

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Hoboken’s {Healthy Alternatives} to Your Favorite Bar Foods

It is SO easy to walk into several Hoboken bars, sniff the air and say “ahhhhhh” as you inhale the smell of fried foods in all their glory. If I personally get one whiff of buffalo sauce, there’s a good chance I’m looking to find who ordered the wings. Everyone has their “cheat” days, but what about the other 6 days of the week? While nothing tastes quite like fried, you can get pretty close with some of the alternatives Hoboken bars and restaurants have to offer!

Fried Chicken vs Grilled Chicken

mikie squared grilled chicken wrap

At Mikie Squared there are a variety of options for chicken – on a sandwich, wrap, or even a salad. Try “Alyssa’s ‘Everyday’ Chicken Wrap”: grilled chicken with avocado, salsa, romaine lettuce, homemade chipotle mayo and Monterey Jack cheddar. I’ve never met a wrap or sandwich (or salad) at Mikie Squared that I didn’t like. Opt for their sweet potato fries as a side, or order salad on the side to give yourself extra healthy brownie points.


Fried Wings vs Coal-Fired Wings

urband coalhouse wings

Instead of your regular fried chicken wings, which you can find pretty much anywhere in Hoboken, Urban Coalhouse offers coal-fired wings. You can’t compare to that hot-out-of-the-oven taste. Plus, they’re topped with onions, which are a vegetable! No-brainer.


Mozzarella Sticks vs Fresh Mutz

tony boloneys hoboken

Mozzarella sticks are such a comfort food for many. Who doesn’t remember being a kid and thinking that a fried cheese stick was the best thing ever? (Especially dipped in sauce.) Lucky for us, there are a plethora of places that offer and even COMPETE every year in the fresh mutz arena. Give Tony Boloney’s a try, especially since they have a variety of flavors to choose from. And if it’s your cheat day, why not dip into some of their fried mozz sticks to take you back to the good ol’ days (when calories didn’t count).


Fried Calamari vs Stuffed Calamari (or Seafood Salad)

leo's stuffed calamari

Image: www.leosgrandevous.com/

Fried calamari: another bar-food favorite. You can find calamari on just about every menu in town, but what you CAN’T find on every menu is STUFFED calamari. Where can you find it? Leo’s Grandevous. It’s even covered with sauce, if you’re the type that likes to dipped your fried squid. Also check out their seafood salad if you’re feeling like you want to mix things up. Squid quo pro.


Fried Popcorn Shrimp vs Hot Oil Shrimp

antique bakery hot oil shrimp dirty lemon

As a seafood lover, shrimp comes up pretty high on my list of favorite foods. I’ve had all kinds – fried popcorn shrimp, buffalo shrimp, even bacon-wrapped shrimp. But I’ve never had anything that tastes like the Hot Oil Shrimp with Dirty Lemon at Antique Bakery. You rip their heads off, chow down, and just when you think the dish is over, you realize you have a piece of oven-baked Italian bread to sop up all of the oil and lemon that your shrimp were swimming in. It’s the dish that keeps on giving.


French Fries vs Baked Fries

turtle club pork sliders fries

Image: Yelp

Shoestring, boardwalk, sweet potato, steak, poutine… did I forget one? Sooooo many types of fries to come by. All delicious in their own way, but all prepared in the same way – fried. If you want to have a sandwich and fries without feeling bad about finishing them, check out Turtle Club, where baked fries are served with all of their sandwiches.


Bonus Menu: The Lighter Side @ Biggie’s

biggie's lighter side chicken


In the past month, your favorite clam bar has rolled out a new healthy choice menu, dubbed “The Lighter Side”. Here you can find fare such as sautéed calamari, a grilled shrimp platter, and even grilled chicken fingers that will make you forget fried chicken exists!

Written by Amanda Eitzen

Amanda has been living in Hoboken since 2013 and fancies herself a Hoboken guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it.  If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s marketing software, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods. Follow @411fitlife to see what she’s up to besides grabbing drinks around town.

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Hoboken’s 1st Ever {Wellness Crawl}: Exclusive Promo Inside

On Sunday, June 4th, there’s a different kind of Sunday Funday in town that doesn’t involve draining your wallet while drinking booze and eating fried food all day. This particular Sunday is the first ever Hoboken Wellness Crawl, presented by Hoboken Girl.

Use promo code HHHWellness5 for $5 Off your ticket!

This day is dedicated to all things healthy in Hoboken. From 11am-4pm, crawlers will spend the day exploring all of the holistic, fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses that Hoboken and its surrounding areas have to offer. Your ticket gets you the exclusive map and entry bracelet to visit everywhere from local yoga studios to spas and salons to doctors!

Here are 5 reasons you should join and celebrate everything health and wellness related:


1. Access to Over 80 Local Vendors & Businesses in One Afternoon

cycle bar

There are more than 50 businesses participating in the crawl, and you can stop there at any point for the duration of the crawl, in any order you choose. Just follow the key on your Wellness Crawl Map. Bonus: there are two Wellness Hubs with over 15 vendors inside of each that you can also access throughout the day.


2. Our Exclusive Promo Code Scores You Discounted Tickets

Fleet Feet
Take $5 off the cost of your ticket with promo code HHHWellness5! Click here to purchase!


3. You’re Helping a Charity

adult congenital heart association

Image: congenitalheartwalk.org

10% of ticket sales will be donated to the Adult Congenital Heart Association.


4. A Sunday Funday That Won’t Leave You Hungover

makai poke co

Photo: @carlyaugust

Since this Sunday Funday is pretty much the opposite of the kind of activities you indulge in during Football Season (or Baseball Season… or Margarita Season…), you can expect to be home at a decent hour and wake up feeling refreshed from all of the healthy activities you participated in, instead of waking up in what feels like your death bed on Monday.



Image: hobokengirl.com

Image: hobokengirl.com

With your crawl bracelet, you can test out treatments, get free consultations, and sign up to take free fitness classes. Plus, you have access to a freebie and giveaway opportunity from each of the 50+ businesses that are participating in the crawl!

Written by Amanda Eitzen

Amanda has been living in Hoboken since 2013 and fancies herself a Hoboken guru; generously imposing her bar and restaurant opinions on friends and strangers who never ask for it.  If you don’t see her at happy hour, she’s marketing software, sweating in some sort of fitness routine, or chowing down on delicious, yet healthy, foods. Follow @411fitlife to see what she’s up to besides grabbing drinks around town.

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Aloha Hoboken!: 3 Ways {The Ale House} Will Put You On Hawaiian Time

Even though the weather is starting to allow us out of our winter prisons, there’s still no denying that you’d jump into a Hawaiian state-of-mind any time it was offered. Well you’re in luck.

The Ale House is the ONE and ONLY bar (did I mention it was the only one) in Hoboken boasting three magical beers from Kona Brewing Company. These magical concoctions-dubbed “Liquid Aloha” by the brewery-of pure paradise will bring you from Hoboken to Hawai’i faster than Lindsay Lohan turned into Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.

Full Disclosure: Kona Big Wave has been my favorite beer for at least 12 months now. After my most recent market research session at The Ale House thanks much to the always amazing Maria (Hey, Maria!), my feelings MIGHT have changed. Hanalei Island IPA could be a front runner for my new favorite. In conclusion, there’s no way I can be wrong twice about the best beer is there? I didn’t think so. You can guarantee you’re going to love at least one of these goblets of beautiful potion:

Kona Big Wave

I had to start with my go-to which Maria had poured before I could even sit down and say “Aloha!”. Once it hit the lips I was confident I had Kelly Slater (professional surfing legend) like moves and would be ready to jump on a board in no time at all. As an American Blonde Ale, the fruitiness is subtle, so it’s not sweet like that of a Dole Pineapple straight from the 50th state. Kona Big Wave 4 Lyf.

kona big wave ale house

Kona Longboard Lager

Is it possible to hold an actual longboard and not throw the Shaka? This American Pale Lager will have you hangin’ loose in no time. There’s a little spicy hop flavor in there that will keep you hangin’ ten over the bar for another.

PS – That’s not fresh pineapple you’re chomping on, it’s the hot and buttery popcorn The Ale House pumps out for free every.single.day. If you didn’t know this by now, it might be time for you to finally get off island time.

kona longboard ale house

Kona Hanalei Island IPA

My first sip of this Island IPA brought me back to what I would have imagined it being like during the 1980 Winter Olympics when we said “Not Today!” to the Russian Hockey Team. This is due to the MASSIVE upset this beer was putting on my long-term (tinder-less) relationship with Kona Big Wave. This special American IPA pays tribute to the island of Kauai. The experience your tastebuds will go through will mimic being on Kauai, which many call “the most beautiful place on Earth.”

 kona hanalei ale house

Written by Adam Smith

Adam not only enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic comedies (he’s serious), but he also loves playing hockey, hanging out with his pals, and giving self-proclaimed top-notch high fives. When he’s not rooting on his Denver Broncos or USC Trojans, he’s cruising the streets of Hoboken in search of the coldest pint and the cheesiest pizza. His top two life goals are as follows: play on a blob (Heavy Weights, anyone?) and swim in a life size pool of Mac n’ Cheese.

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Hoboken Weekend {Drinking} Guide: 5/25/17 – 5/29/17

Thursday 5/25/17

Food Truck Frenzy @ Pier 13

pier 13 hoboken food truck frenzy

The first Food Truck Frenzy of the summer will be this Thursday. There will be 15+ trucks, so be ready for a lot of food!

WOW Comedy at Mulligan’s

wow comedy

Headliner, Tyler Rothrock, performs regularly at Wise Crackers. Seating starts at 7:30PM; the show runs from 8-9:30PM. Tickets cost $10 per person (cash only). The show is in the private room (the side room) of Mulligan’s.


Friday 5/26/17

Happy Hour/Feel Good Friday @ Hoboken Bar & Grill

hoboken bar and grill

Happy Hour is from 4-8pm: $3 Miller Lite Drafts, $4 Green Tea/Fireball Shots, $4 House Wines, $5 Captain Punch, $5 Surfer on Acid Shot, and $6 Absolut Cocktails. Party starts at 10pm with no cover, music by DJ Chaos, and drink specials downstairs!

May Birthday Bash @ Wicked Wolf

wicked wolf 526

Calling all May babies! RSVP here to enjoy $1 drinks & a free shot for yourself as well as discounted drinks for your friends from 10pm-1am!


Saturday 5/27/17

Brunch @ Mill’s

mills tavern

Start your Saturday with a boozy brunch! Brunch specials include $5 Mimosas & Bloody Marys, $9.99 Carafes of Sangria, and $9.99 Miller Lite Pitchers.

$10 Pitchers @ Tally Ho


From open – 9pm try $7 Individual Prosecco Bottles or $8 Individual Rosé Bottles. Or, if you are really thirsty, there are $10 Pitchers (Drafts, Mimosas, Manmosas, Sangria)!

Friggin Fabulous Brunch Show: Flying Penguins @ Maxwell’s

maxwells hoboken

The Flying Penguins are a laid back, indie folk group (with a bit of flute and fiddle) featuring an ad hoc line up of close-knit friends. Show starts at 1:30pm.


Sunday 5/28/17

Sunday Funday @ Texas Arizona

texas arizona july happy hour

Meet your friends from the city at the closest stop from the PATH for Sunday Funday. 11am-8pm specials:

$3 Corona Light, Coors Light, and Yuengling Drafts
$4 Blue Moon, Sam Adams, and Sam Seasonal Drafts
$5 Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Jameson & Gingers, and Absolut Drinks
$15 Sangria Pitchers
$25 Corona Buckets
$30 Loaded Buckets

Lion + Tiger @ Pilsener Haus

lion + tiger

Lion + Tiger is a top-shelf party band, with a focus on high-energy, Top 40 contemporary music like Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Sia, Ellie Goulding, Elle King, Coldplay, and much more! Live music starts at 3pm.


Monday 5/29/17

Memorial Day Yankee Crawfish Boil @ Antique Bar & Bakery

antique memorial day

Join Antique Bar & Bakery for a celebration at the first annual:MEMORIAL DAY YANKEE CRAWFISH BOIL! Enjoy spicy crawdads, specialty cocktails, and the sounds of world renowned Jazz Fest regular Satoru Ohashi! Party starts at 12pm and will run into the night.

Happy Hour @ Leo’s

leos hoboken

Happy Hour is from 3-6:30pm. 1/2 Price Appetizers (excludes mussels & pizza) and $3 Coors Light Drafts, $4 Bud Light & Miller Lite Bottles, $9 Glass / $25 Bottle of Gabbiano Solatio.

Half Price Drinks @ City Bistro

city bistro spring

Enjoy Memorial Day with some half price deals! From 4-7pm is Happy Hour: half-price house drinks, beer & wine! Half price entire dinner menu & most drinks from 7pm – close.

Karaoke Night @ The Dubliner

the dubliner hoboken monday

Come sing your heart out at 8pm! $1 Sliders, $2 Yuenglings, and $3 Smirnoff Drinks.

Written by Rachel Willson

When she’s not throwing elbows to get a seat on the PATH first (but failing 9 out of 10 times), Rachel can be found at brunch with a pitcher of mimosas in front of her. Originally from Upstate New York, Rachel moved to Hoboken a little over a year ago when she started working for an ad agency in Manhattan. Being still somewhat new to the area, Rachel makes it her goal to try every restaurant and bar at least once. In her free time when Scandal isn’t being binged watched, Rachel is typically finding joy in things out of her budget, speaking fluently in sarcasm, and crawling her way down Washington St. because yesterday was leg day.

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17 Times We {Kicked Off the Summer} on Saturday in Hoboken

What a day it was! We had an absolute blast at the 3rd Annual Hoboken Kickoff to Summer Bar Crawl this past Saturday! A HUGE thank you to all of you that crawled with us! Missed it this year? (shame on you!) We’ll be back for year 4 next year, but in the mean time, keep an eye out for details on our next crawl in September – the 12th Annual Back to Hoboken Bar Crawl! A big thank you to our sponsors New Amsterdam Vodka & Acai Ya Later! Our Complete Video Recap will be released soon – stay tuned!

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kts3_t shirts

T-shirts all ready for crawlers!

pilsener haus inside

Stop 1 was at Pilsener Haus was crowded early!

kts3_shepherd group

We came with old friends…

kts3_shep gab group

…and gained even more new friends!

kts3_shep back

Stop 2 @ The Shep!

kts3_group shep 4

T-shirt game was strong!



kts3_tropical group

Tropical shirt game very strong!

kts3_urban bar

Stop #3 @ Urban Coalhouse was packed!

kts3_urban corner

Drinks were flowing!

kts3_madison outside

Stop #4 @ The Madison and the Sun was peeking out!

kts3_madison crowd

Thirsty crawlers ready for their next drink!

kts3_hhh team

Some of the HHH squad enjoying the fun!


Lots of smiling faces all day long!

kts3_city bistro rooftop

SUN! Stop 5 on the rooftop @ City Bistro & the sun came out just in time!

kts3_city bistro group

The fun continued at Maxwell’s, The Ale House, & Willie McBride’s! Video coming soon!


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Source: 17 Times We {Kicked Off the Summer} on Saturday in Hoboken