A Cuban Escape (Video)

My friend Brittany: “I think I want to go to Cuba around my birthday, would you guys be down to go?”

My four other friends and myself: “Duh”


I’ve never been gladder that one of my best friends, Brittany, was born. I’ve also never been more grateful to President Obama for lifting the travel ban to Cuba and starting the first steps of repairing the relationship between Cuba and the United States. Our trip was nothing short of magical. Experiencing the beauty, pride, and hospitality of Cuba was a treasured moment for us.

Aside from historical and mesmerizing views, great food, exciting music and the company of each other, our group enjoyed the Cuban people the most. The insights on how history has played a role in their country’s ostracism, the excitement for the flooding of American tourism to come and how to cherish the simple things in life was the true takeaway from our journey. I’m personally so thankful for the many in-depth conversations I’ve had while there that have given me insight to a different culture but as well as to how politics and history can shape our destiny.

To my #CUBAES: Brittany, Aisha, Ashley, Candace, and Nneka, I’ll always love sharing this experience with you!

Here’s a fun recap video:

For those wondering our itinerary and tips on how to travel to Cuba, check out Aisha’s post here from Aishabeau.com

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